Best Settings For Valorant | According To A Pro Gamer (2023)

Besides the NVIDIA Control Settings, the in-game settings are probably the best way to improve the performance of your system without a hardware upgrade.

For me, it’s always about maximum performance, and I also accept quality losses as long as it doesn’t negatively affect my performance.

To that end, it’s important to note that these settings are the best for my system and therefore don’t automatically work equally well for everyone because you always have to consider the settings in combination with your monitor’s settings and the NVIDIA Control Settings.

I use a BenQ XL2546 with 240Hz. A monitor that is also used by many current pro gamers, as we could determine in our analysis in this article.

If you also have a BenQ XL2546 or want to get one, then maybe my Monitor Settings will help you, especially in combination with the following In-Game Settings.

If you are also interested in my NVIDIA Control Settings, you can find them in this article.

And if you also want to optimize your Windows 10/11 settings for gaming, this article is just right for you.

I have published all my Valorant settings in this article. I think it is clear that many settings are a matter of taste or habit, but one or two others are also interested in these settings.

I achieved Immortal status with these settings and successfully participated in national and international tournaments.

So I think my settings work very well as a starting point to find your personal best settings.

Let’s go!

Best Settings For Valorant

Note: This article was written in English. Translations into other languages may not provide the same linguistic quality. We apologize for grammatical and semantic errors.


Valorant General Settings


Text LanguageEnglish (United States)
Enemy Highlight ColorYellow (Deuteranopia)

Important explanations

Enemy Highlight Color: Of course, it’s a matter of taste, so you should test which color is most likely to catch your attention. For me it’s yellow.


Sensitivity: Aim0.324
Scoped Sensitivity Multiplier1
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier1
Invert MouseOff
[Beta] RawInputBufferOn

Important explanations

Sensitivity: Aim: If you are just starting with Valorant and have played another shooter before, it’s best to use our Sensitivity Converter to transfer your mouse sensitivity so you can get started immediately.

To correctly classify the sensitivity of my mouse, you need to know that I use a Logitech G Pro X Superlight mouse with 800 DPI.

If you’re wondering if you can play Valorant with a controller, check out the article below, where we discuss it in detail:

[Beta] RawInputBuffer: You should activate this setting so that the signals of your mouse are passed directly and unfiltered to the game. It reduces the input delay of your mouse.


Keep Player CenteredOn
Minimap Size1.1
Minimap Zoom0.9
Minimap Vision ConesOn
Show Map Region NamesAlways

Important explanations

In my opinion, the map settings are a matter of taste. Therefore, it’s best to test all the variants to find your ideal settings.


Valorant Privacy and other Settings
Hide My Name from Players Outside My PartyOn
Use Generic Names for Players Outside My PartyOff
Auto-Reject Friend RequestsOff
Only Allow Party Requests from FriendsOff

Important explanations

Hide My Name from Players Outside My Party:

I really like being anonymous to my opponents. This setting is especially important for streamers to prevent stream sniping.


First Person HandednessRight
Always Show InventoryOn
Player Loadouts Always VisibleOff
Cycle to Next/Prev Weapon Wraps InventoryOff
Cycle to Next/Prev Weapon includes SpikeOff
Show Mature ContentOn
Show CorpsesOff
Show BloodOff
Instability IndicatorsOn
Network BufferingMinimum
Show Bullet TracersOn
Show Spectator CountOn
Use Team Color for Crosshair ColorOff
Hide User Interface In GameOff
Hide First Person Arms (Observers Only)Off
Show Full Screen Blind for ObserversOff
Team Colors Affect HUD for ObserversOff
Show Player Keybinds on MinimapOn
Show Player Keybinds on MegamapOff
Use fullscreen Megamap with opaque backgroundOff
Observers see agent handedness based on teamOff
Hide the Spectated Agent Portrait for ObserversOff
Observer Free Camera Fast Speed0.6
Observer Free Camera Slow Speed0.3
Observer Press To Toggle ScoreboardOff

Important explanations

Again, many settings are purely a matter of taste except “Network Buffering”.

Network Buffering: Minimum should be set here in any case so that the transmission of data packets between you and the game server is not artificially delayed. It can only make sense to change the setting in case of weak Internet connections with high packet loss. In this case, however, you should look for a better Internet connection because competitive gaming is certainly not possible with it.

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A gaming mouse that fits you makes a significant difference!




Use/Eqip Ability: 1C
Use/Eqip Ability: 2Q
Use/Eqip Ability: 3E
Use/Eqip Ability: UltimateX


Strafe LeftA
Strafe RightD
Default Movement ModeRun
WalkLeft Shift
Toggle WalkOff
JumpSpace Bar
CrouchLeft Alt
Toggle CrouchOff
Fly UpSpace Bar
Fly DownLeft Ctrl
Toggle Cheat: Ghostkey not assigned



FireLeft Mouse Button
Alternate FireRight Mouse Button
Toggle Zoom Levelkey not assigned
Aim Down SightsToggle
Sniper Rifle AimToggle
Operator ZoomCycle
Auto Re-enter ScopeOff


Equip Primary Weapon1
Equip Secondary Weapon2
Equip Melee Weapon3
Equip Spike4
Cycle to Next Weaponkey not assigned
Cycle to Previous Weaponkey not assigned
Drop Equipped ItemG
Equip Last Used Weaponkey not assigned
Auto-Equip PrioritizesMost Recently Equipped
Don’t Auto-Equip Meleenot ticked


Inspect WeaponY
Use ObjectF
Use Spike (Plant or Defuse)4 or F
Use SprayT

Important explanations

Use Spike (Plant or Defuse): Make sure you assign this function so that you can comfortably and safely use the appropriate key because there is nothing more annoying than not being able to disarm the spike because you press the wrong key first and lose important time, plus you often have to fake to disarm to lure the opponent, and so on. In other words, this is one of the most important keys when it comes to crunch time.



Party Voice Push To Talk Keykey not assigned
Team Voice Push To Talk KeyV
Party Voice Clutch Mute Keykey not assigned
Team Voice Clutch Mute Keykey not assigned

Important explanations

I usually don’t use the in-game chat because I communicate with my mates in Teamspeak or Discord. There I don’t use push-to-talk. But if I am out and about with random teammates, then definitely with push-to-talk in the in-game chat. So,I can speak with my mates normally in Teamspeak/Discord and with random teammates with push-to-talk.


Tactical Callouts in ChatOff
Explicit Language FilterOff


Ping (Tap) / Ping Wheel (Hold)Z or Middle Mouse Button
Ping Wheel Hold Delay (milliseconds)130
Ping: Cautionkey not assigned
Ping: Watching Herekey not assigned
Ping: Need Supportkey not assigned
Ping: On My Markkey not assigned


Radio Commands Menu IndexPeriod
Combat Radio Commands Menukey not assigned
Tactics Radio Command Menukey not assigned
Social Radio Command Menukey not assigned
Strategy Radio Command Menukey not assigned


Radio Command Wheel IndexComma
Combat/Tactics Radio Command Wheelkey not assigned
Social Radio Command Wheelkey not assigned
Strategy Radio Command Wheelkey not assigned



Show Teammate Loadouts (Hold)key not assigned
Combat ReportN
Agent Ability TooltipF1
Open ArmoryB
Open Map (Toggle)key not assigned
Open Map (Hold)^
Show Scoreboard (Hold)Tab
Toggle CursorEquals


Vote Option 1F5
Vote Option 2F6
Vote Option 3F7
Vote Option 4F8


Toggle Free CameraV
Toggle MinimapApostrophe
Toggle Sight LinesR
All OutlinesH
Friendly OutlinesJ
Enemy OutlinesK
No OutlinesL
Toggle Player Loadout VisibilityPeriod
Follow ProjectilesF
Cycle Preset Free Camera LocationsEquals
Hold to Observe Player in Free CameraLeft Shift
Follow Next ObserverRight Bracket
Follow Previous ObserverLeft Bracket
Observe Player 11
Observe Player 22
Observe Player 33
Observe Player 44
Observe Player 55
Observe Player 66
Observe Player 77
Observe Player 88
Observe Player 99
Observe Player 100
Right Analog Rotation Speed X90
Right Analog Rotation Speed Y70
Right Analog Deadzone0.2
Left Analog Deadzone0.25
Gamepad Invert Look YOff


Crosshair preferences are very individual, and because Valorant allows you to configure your crosshairs so individually, many players change their crosshairs more often depending on the mood of the day.

In the default setting, I usually had a simple crosshair like in the following settings. Because I usually prefer the smallest crosshair that restricts my view as little as possible.

But there were also phases in which I preferred a cross as a crosshair again…I think every Valorant player knows that sometimes you just need variety, but you usually come back to your standard crosshair.


Valorant Crosshair Settings


Use Advanced OptionsOn


Show Spectated Player’s CrosshairOn
Fade Crosshair With Firing ErrorOff
Disable CrosshairOff



Crosshair ColorGreen
Outline Opacity0.5
Outline Thickness1
Center DotOn
Center Dot Opacity1
Center Dot Thickness4
Override Firing Error Offset With Crosshair OffsetOff
Override All Primary Crosshairs With My Primary CrosshairOff


Show Inner LinesOn
Inner Line Opacity0.55
Inner Line Length1
Inner Line Thickness0
Inner Line Offset8
Movement ErrorOff
Movement Error Multiplier1
Firing ErrorOff
Firing Error Multiplier1


Show Outer LinesOn
Outer Line Opacity1
Outer Line Length0
Outer Line Thickness0
Outer Line Offset0
Movement ErrorOff
Movement Error Multiplier1
Firing ErrorOff
Firing Error Multiplier1


Copy Primary CrosshairOn



Center Dot ColorRed
Center DotOn
Center Dot Opacity0.75
Center Dot Thickness1



Valorant General Video Settings
Display ModeFullscreen
Resolution1.920 x 1.080 16:9 (240Hz)
  1. BNQ7F58 (1920 x 1080 16:9)
Aspect Ratio MethodLetterbox
Limit FPS on BatteryOff
Max FPS on Battery60
Limit FPS in MenusOn
Max FPS in Menus144
Limit FPS in BackgroundOff
Max FPS in Background30
Limit FPS AlwaysOff
Max FPS Always60
NVIDIA Reflex Low LatencyOn

Important explanations

Limit FPS Always: If your system is not that powerful, limiting the FPS may be useful. If you need information on this topic, check out our article:

Capping your FPS in the menu, on the other hand, always makes sense since it simply saves energy, and more FPS won’t do you any good at this point. If you often tap out of the game to do other things on the side, the “Limit FPS in Background” function can also be interesting.

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency can reduce the average latency by up to 30 ms, depending on all system components. This setting is most useful when your graphics card is already heavily loaded. However, the most important thing is that the “On” setting definitely brings no disadvantages and should always be enabled. Read the following article for more detailed information, especially about the “On+Boost” mode:


Valorant Graphics Quality Settings
Multithreaded RenderingOn
Material QualityLow
Texture QualityLow
Detail QualityLow
UI QualityLow
Anisotropic Filtering1x
Improve ClarityOff
[BETA] Experimental SharpeningOff
Cast ShadowsOff

Important explanations

We have already dealt with the graphics settings in Valorant in various articles, so you can read the corresponding article for more information on the following options:

Multithreaded Rendering




Anisotropic Filtering



Cast Shadows


Valorant Video Stats Settings


Client FPSText Only
Server Tick RateText Only
Total Frame TimeText Only
Idle TimeHide
CPU (Game) TimeHide
CPU (Render) TimeHide
CPU (RHI) TimeHide
GPU Render TimeHide
Used Physical MemoryHide
Available Physical MemoryHide


Game Latency (CPU)Text Only
Render Latency (GPU)Text Only
Present Latency (CPU)Hide
Game to Render Latency (CPU+GPU)Text Only
Network RTT + Processing DelaysHide


Network RTTText Only
Network RTT JitterHide
Packet LossText Only
Incoming Packet LossHide
Outgoing Packet LossHide
Packets Lost (Total)Hide
Packets Receive RateHide
Packets Send RateHide
Uploaded DataHide
Out Packet SizeHide


Shooting ErrorText Only



Valorant Audio Sounds Settings
Overall Volume100%
Sound Effects Volume100%
Voice-over Volume100%
Video Volume100%
All Music Overall Volume100%
Menu And Lobby Music Volume0%
Agent Select Music Volume0%
VOIP Ducks Musicnot ticked
Mute Music When Game Window Out Of Focusnot ticked
Speaker ConfigurationStereo
Enable HRTFticked

Important explanations

Enable HRTF: This is the most critical audio setting. Everything else is a matter of taste, but HRTF must be enabled to correctly locate sounds 360°. In this article, we have looked in more detail at HRTF On or Off in Valorant.

In the following article, we have dealt with all audio settings in Valorant in detail:


Valorant Voice Chat Settings
Output DeviceDefault System Device
Input DeviceDefault System Device
Incoming Volume80%
Mic Volume80%
Loopback TestOff
Mic Sensitivity Threshold40%
Party Voice ChatOn
Party Voice During Custom GameOff
Party Voice Activation ModePush to Talk
Team Voice ChatOn


Valorant Voice Over Settings
Agent Flavorticked
Tactical Calloutsticked
VOIP Ducks Flavor VOnot ticked

Final Thoughts

For some settings, depending on your system, other options may, of course, be useful.

It took me a long time to find the perfect settings for me, and I hope that with my help, you will find your ideal settings significantly faster so that you will be able to perform at your best.

If you have a question about the post or pro gaming in general, write us:

Masakari – moep, moep and out!

Former pro gamer Andreas "Masakari" Mamerow has been an active gamer for over 35 years, more than 20 of them in the competitive scene (Esports). In CS 1.5/1.6, PUBG and Valorant, he has led and coached teams at the highest level.
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