Bio Michael “Flashback” Mamerow

At the age of 5, Flashback played his first video game on a Vectrex (MB). “Minestorm” was the starting signal for 35 years of gaming.

Even though racing and flight simulations were his favorite, he played his way through all genres over time. His constant opponent in his youth was his brother Masakari.

His 18th birthday was a stylish private LAN party with hours of Command & Conquer games.

Flashback played at CS 1.5/1.6 times in the “B-Team” of |LOGOS|- and took care of the organization simultaneously.

After graduating from high school (1999) and besides his studies (information science) and his job (IT-consultant), he only daddled for fun. Meanwhile, he has been working in the IT industry for 10 years as an IT architect.

In 2019, he founded the Esport organization “Wagazzi Esport.” Together with Masakari, he created the “Wagazzi Underdogs.” Starting with a PUBG team, the organization quickly grew to 50 players in various disciplines (PUBG, PUBG Mobile, CS, CoD, R6).

One PUBG team just missed the ESL final. Instead, the same team won 1st place at the biggest North German LAN, “NorthCon” (2019). The other PUBG team took 1st place at the most prominent German LAN, “Dreamhack” (2020).

Together with 30 streamers and pro gamers, over 1,000 Euros were collected in a tournament during a fundraising campaign. The donation went to the non-profit organization Gaming Aid e.V.

After one year, the organization had to shrink. The Corona crisis (2020) prevented the delicate plant from further growth. Finally, we stopped the project to focus on knowledge transfer. Nevertheless, this year showed what can be achieved with a bit of organizational talent, experience, and ambition.

With “Raise Your Skillz” Flashback wants to pass on his experience to future generations of players.