Fortnite Mouse Sensitivity Converter | FREE, FAST, SIMPLE (2022)

Fortnite Battle Royale is a 100-player player-versus-player game that may be played solo, as a pair, or in a squad. Players without weapons are dropped from a “Battle Bus” that travels around the game’s map. They must loot for weapons, goods, resources, and even vehicles as they land, all while trying to stay alive and attack and destroy other players. The winner is the last player, pair, or squad standing.

Old Game

In the dropdown menu on the left, select the game from which you want to convert the sensitivity for Fortnite. Enter your current sensitivity of this game in the field below. Press the green button “Convert,” and you will get the sensitivity for Fortnite as a result.

If you miss a small guide to convert mouse sensitivities, here we have one for you, of course: Mouse Sensitivity Guide

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