Tools for Gaming

Become a better player by using our apps to get to your desired settings faster. All apps are free, can be used anytime, and are very simple.

Nickname Generator

What will you call yourself? A nickname (username, account, etc.) is the first thing you need to specify when starting a new game. If you need a new name, our nickname generator is the ultimate.

Mouse Sensitivity Converter

A new game and a new default value for sensitivity. Wouldn’t it be nice to transfer the sensitivity from your old favorite game to the new game? No problem. We cover over 70 known games with our Mouse Sensitivity Converter (Calculator).

eDPI Calculator

Calculate your eDPI or directly compare your values with another player. Easy.

Gaming Verifier

Is your hardware still up to date? What would be the Pro standard? What are the best settings? We help with the Gaming Verifier.

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