Gift Ideas for Gamers (2023)

Okay, this site is mainly meant to be fun and maybe give you a gift idea or two (for others or yourself).

Masakari and I have seen many nerdy, funny, fantastic gamer items over the last 30 years.

A small collection follows here:

ImageItemOur ThoughtsBest Deal & Details
headphone holderPC Gaming Headset Headphone Hook HolderWhether with cable or wireless, I have made my life really easier with this holder.Closer Look
Gaming-DeskGaming DeskHere, the headset holder is already solidly mounted and can carry two headsets. Everything a gamer need fits on this desk. For example, one or two monitors, a giant mouse pad, a keyboard, and a mouse. A cup holder is also included. The RGB lights make the whole thing really stylish. I love it.Closer Look
Gaming Mouse Grip TapeGrip TapeGrip Tape for gaming mice is essential for a secure grip, even in sweaty situations. I have always cut out the tapes myself, so we have linked here the DIY variant. But there may also be prefabricated tapes for your mouse.Closer Look
Gaming Mouse PadRGB Mouse Pad /w Phone Charger!Now that’s a smart mouse pad. 10 RGB light modes, a built-in wireless phone charger (iPhone, Samsung, and others), and a nice big surface for gaming mice. A great and valuable gift for any gamer or streamer.Closer Look
Gaming Arm SleevesArm sleeves are not only useful for basketball. Gamers need permanently warm muscles, too. In addition, depending on the grip and support of the forearm, the friction on the mouse pad is reduced. This has a positive effect on aiming. Masakari never plays without it.Closer Look
Mouse BungeeMouse BungeeA mouse bungee prevents the friction of the cable. For ambitious gamers a must-have.Closer Look
Cable Management SleeveCable Management Sleeve (4)Cables are actually always in the way, and despite the wireless mouse and keyboard, there are still at least 10 cables lying around that look chaotic. However, with these sleeves, everything looks chic and organized.Closer Look
Cooling Pad Laptop ConsoleCooling Pad for Laptop or ConsoleEspecially during longer gaming sessions, gaming laptops or consoles get very hot. Older models with dusty coolers can lead to overheating and possibly even damage. The Cooling Pad ensures that this danger is prevented.Closer Look
USB HubUSB 3.0 HubGamers usually have this problem. Streamers actually always have the problem. There are always too many USB devices and too few USB ports. The solution: A hub.Closer Look
Gamer BookBook for little GamersThis is a gift for gamers’ children, but as a joke, it is also suitable for adults. The alphabet of gaming. We love it.Closer Look