We can proudly look back on over 35 years of experience with gaming and over 20 years of experience with Esports and competitive gaming. So what can we do with such knowledge? Well, we share it!

Our blog focuses on popular FPS games, which we play almost every day. We address casual, ambitious, and pro gamers with some deep-dive articles by Masakari.

Overview FPS Games covered by Raise Your Skillz

We have briefly introduced ourselves to you here (Masakari) and here (Flashback). Masakari has massive Esports experience on the highest level, and Flashback has also played a bit competitive but mainly led Esports organizations (for more, the skill is not enough :-P).

We write with a combined 70 years of gaming experience and invite you to find information for your career or hobby in 4 categories.

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In the category “Games,” you choose your game and get relevant posts.

Gaming Gear” takes you to recommendations for hardware and equipment. Any suggestions are primarily based on an analysis of the gaming gear of over 1500 pro gamers.

Then, of course, we write about the “Skills” you need to get to the top. These include physical, mental, and also technical skills that you should have or develop.

The fourth category gives you a few tools to help you. For example, our Mouse Sensitivity Converter allows you to calculate the sensitivity between over 60 games with the click of a button.

The eDPI calculator will help you if you want to compare your settings with those of the pros.

Have fun on Raise Your Skillz .com

Masakari & Flashback