TOP 3 Gaming Mice For Valorant 2023

TOP 3 Gaming Mice for Valorant

The device that probably influences a shooter’s success the most is, without question, the gaming mouse. Especially in competitive first-person shooters like Valorant, every pixel counts when gaming because every headshot can be game-changing. Are you looking for a new gaming mouse to help you perform at your best in Valorant? I’ve picked out three … Read more

DPI, eDPI + Sensitivity | Definition, Comparison & More | Calculators Inside (2023)

Since the early days of our gaming live over 35 years ago, FPS games have always been about proper mouse sensitivity. Masakari and I have probably combined hundreds of hours of experience fine-tuning our aiming, mouse grip, mouse handling, and mouse settings. Unfortunately, nothing is more frustrating than the wrong sensitivity, and every shot misses. … Read more

Is a Vertical Mouse Good For Gaming? (2023)


This post is about ergonomic mice and whether you can use them for gaming. More specifically, let’s look at whether these types of mice might not be better for gaming than conventional mice. A vertical or ergonomic computer mouse is a suitable replacement for a regular mouse in games with a low click rate. The … Read more

Is Mouse Acceleration Good for Gaming? (2023)

Is Mouse Acceleration Good for Gaming

Aiming is probably the most important mechanic for FPS games that a player should master. The mouse, as an input device, plays the most crucial role. With the configuration of the mouse settings, you lay the foundation for your in-game performance. Every FPS player has tested whether he prefers low sensitivity or high sensitivity. Both … Read more

Do Pro Gamers Use Wireless Mice? | Wired vs. Wireless | (2023)

In this post, we clarify whether professional gamers use wireless mice. Wireless mouse devices have been taboo for gamers for years. Battery too heavy, latency too high, and for the price, you could get a regular mouse in a double pack. Times are changing. More and more gamers are switching to wireless mouse devices. Current … Read more

How to Find Your Best FPS Gaming Mouse in 2023 (With Decision Guide)

This post will help you find the right gaming mouse for first-person shooters (FPS). Every player, casual or competitive, wants to reward themselves with success and play as well as possible. As the central input device for FPS games, the mouse is extremely important for one’s performance. But how do you find the right one? … Read more