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Since the early days of our gaming live over 35 years ago, FPS games have always been about proper mouse sensitivity.

Masakari and I have probably combined hundreds of hours of experience fine-tuning our aiming, mouse grip, mouse handling, and mouse settings. Unfortunately, nothing is more frustrating than the wrong sensitivity, and every shot misses.

Every game has different mechanics, every gaming mouse is somehow different, and meanwhile, you as a gamer can influence the behavior of your mouse at several set screws.

This post has gathered all the questions and answers about DPI, eDPI, and mouse sensitivity.

Let’s start with the term definitions so that we are talking about the same thing.

Note: This article was written in English. Translations into other languages may not provide the same linguistic quality. We apologize for grammatical and semantic errors.

What is DPI?

By definition, points per inch is a unit of measure. The DPI value can be used to measure physical distances with pixel accuracy. When printing media, DPI is used to determine resolution. In the context of gaming, the mouse sensor is set to a DPI value to register mouse movement accordingly.

What is eDPI?

By definition, eDPI is a virtual layer over a gamer’s DPI and sensitivity settings in a specific video game. Despite different DPI and sensitivity values, gamers can compare each other by eDPI value. To calculate the eDPI value, DPI and sensitivity value are multiplied together.

Is it Possible to Compare eDPI from Different Games?

Typically, each game has its own sensitivity calculation, and the eDPI value of different games is not comparable. Games based on the same graphics engine usually have the same sensitivity calculation mechanics. In this case, the eDPI values of the different games are comparable.

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Is it Possible to Compare eDPI from the Same Game?

In general, eDPI values of one game can be compared very well if the players play on monitors with the same screen diagonal and with the same screen resolution. For games with Field of View (FoV) settings, a different value can lead to an inaccurate comparison.

Is eDPI the Same as DPI?

Effective dots per inch (eDPI) is the product of DPI multiplied by the mouse sensitivity value and is therefore not synonymous. DPI generally refers to the set sampling grid of a computer mouse. eDPI refers to settings in the context of a specific game.

What is Sensitivity?

Sensitivity describes the speed of mouse movement in the context of the operating system, an application, or a video game. The sensitivity can be consistently fast or increase linearly or exponentially using a mouse acceleration.

More info about mouse acceleration and why this might be interesting for you in this post:

How to Calculate eDPI?

The product of the multiplication of DPI and mouse sensitivity forms the eDPI value. The eDPI value has dependencies on the size of the monitor, the screen resolution used, and, in the case of video games, the Field of View (FoV) value used.

Since the simple multiplication of DPI and in-game sensitivity also yields a relatively good eDPI value for comparison, the screen size, screen resolution, and FoV can be disregarded for a rough comparison.

You can calculate the eDPI very quickly and easily with our eDPI calculator (free of charge, of course): Free eDPI Calculator (opens in separate tab)

How to Compare Sensitivity of Different Games?

In general, the sensitivity value of one game can be converted to the sensitivity value of another game using a converter. Often games with the same graphics engine have the same mechanics for sensitivity calculation. In this case, the sensitivity values of different games can be compared directly.

Mit unserem Sensitivity Converter kannst Du schnell einen ersten Ansatzpunkt bekommen, wenn Du Deine Sensitivität von einem Spiel zu einem anderen Spiel übertragen möchtest.

Click here for the converter (free of charge, of course): Free Sensitivity Converter (opens in separate tab).

And here you can find a small How-to guide for the use of Sensitivity Converters resp. Calculators:

What DPI Do Pros Use in FPS Games?

Typically, professional gamers use different settings between 400 and 800 DPI. Each player’s exact value is determined based on their equipment, playing style, experience, and the video game being played. The DPI value does not correlate with a player’s performance.

What Sensitivity Do Pros Use in FPS Games?

Generally, professional gamers use high or low sensitivities depending on their playing style. Each video game has its own sensitivity calculation and thus different values. Sensitivities can be converted between games with a converter. 

Mouse sensitivity can be specifically influenced by using mouse acceleration to use low and high sensitivities simultaneously.

More information about mouse acceleration in FPS games can be found here:

You can find our converter over here: Free Sensitivity Converter (opens in separate tab)

What eDPI Do Pros Use in FPS Games?

In general, every professional player finds his optimal value in the course of his career. The combination of game, equipment, playing style, and experience determines the personal best eDPI value. Many eDPI values from pro gamers can be found on relevant websites.

For example, this site shows the settings of pro gamers for multiple games: prosettings.net

Is a Higher or Lower DPI Value Better for Gaming?

Generally, a higher DPI value enables more precise tracking by the mouse sensor. The movement of the cursor becomes smoother and more precise. Above 800 DPI, this effect is no longer recognizable by humans. Professional gamers prefer a DPI value between 400 and 800.

Is a Higher Sensitivity Value Better for Gaming?

Generally, with high sensitivity, faster flickshots are possible, and several targets can be aimed at in quick succession. Shots with sniper weapons are more difficult, and the recoil of longer sprays is harder to compensate. Due to the short mouse movements, less space is needed on the mouse pad.

Is a Lower Sensitivity Better for Gaming?

In general, a lower sensitivity allows for calmer aiming. A low sensitivity has a positive effect on shots with sniper weapons, but also for longer spraying. Flickshots are more difficult and require more movement with the mouse or arm.

Masakari is a low-sense player and uses this XXL Mouse Pad for a wider movement with his mouse:

Final Thoughts

Every FPS game player should understand DPI, eDPI, and sensitivity to find the best setting for themselves.

To specifically reach the optimal settings, the use of an Aimtrainer can help. Individual game situations can be trained and analyzed over and over again in the Aimtrainer.

In direct comparison, you can quickly see which DPI or sensitivity setting is the best for your aiming.

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