Is a Vertical Mouse Good For Gaming? (2023)


This post is about ergonomic mice and whether you can use them for gaming. More specifically, let’s look at whether these types of mice might not be better for gaming than conventional mice. A vertical or ergonomic computer mouse is a suitable replacement for a regular mouse in games with a low click rate. The … Read more

Pro Gamer | How Important is Good Gear for Gaming? (2023)

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Why Do Pro Gamers Prefer Mechanical Keyboards? (2023)

This post will show you why gamers, especially pro gamers, prefer to use mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards give the user immediate feedback via clearly defined pressure points. A player can perform faster key changes and press keys more precisely with a mechanical keyboard. The type of keyboard significantly influences the performance of a player. There … Read more

Are Wireless Headsets Good for Gaming? (2023)

headphone on skull

In this post, we banish all cables and take a look at wireless headsets. More specifically, we’re talking about wireless gaming headsets that have established themselves on the market in recent years. So naturally, gamers always ask themselves whether it makes sense to use these headsets for gaming. Wireless headsets have two significant disadvantages that … Read more

How to Clean Any Gaming Mouse Pad (2023) – Verified Pro Gamer Routine

When in my professional career, my gaming mouse pad was dirty, I usually got a new mouse pad sponsored. In the meantime, however, I use very large, good, expensive, and above all, self-bought mouse pads. And also, in the sense of the environment, constant new purchases are not particularly meaningful. When I recently noticed that … Read more

Are Earbuds Better for Gaming? | Pro Gamer (2023)

I have tested countless devices in my career to produce better sound quality. In almost all video games, it is now crucial to hear all the sounds to react adequately. This post will discuss if earbuds are actually better than headsets or gaming headsets and give you my recommendation for an excellent pair of earbuds … Read more