Should I Turn AMD FSR On or Off For Gaming? (Pro Review)


In the last 35 years, there has been a tremendous development in the representation of graphics in video games. I have seen countless features for optimization during this time, most of which have only addressed very specific hardware. The latest twist is “upscaling”. AMD works tirelessly to improve the graphics performance of their graphics cards, … Read more

Should I Turn NVIDIA DLSS On or Off For Gaming? (Pro Review)


In my 35+ years of gaming, I’ve seen quite a few features from NVIDIA and other graphics card manufacturers that promised much more performance but usually only did so for the exact hardware that fit. Now it’s that time again. One of the latest developments is NVIDIA DLSS. NVIDIA works tirelessly to improve the graphics … Read more

Anti-Aliasing in FPS Games (2022) | On or Off & More Answers

Turn Anti-Aliasing on or off in FPS Games

When we have a new first-person shooter installed and start to look at the graphics settings, the same question has always come up for over 20 years: Anti-aliasing on or off. In this post, we answer some questions about anti-aliasing in FPS Games so you can decide for yourself. Here we go. Should I Turn … Read more

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency | How to Enable, Supported Games & More


Nvidia is the leading developer of graphics cards for gaming. With NVIDIA Reflex, NVIDIA is now trying to improve the connection between the game and the graphics card. In this article, I will show you what NVIDIA Reflex was developed for and how it works. Finally, I’ll give you a personal assessment of the effect … Read more

DPI, eDPI + Sensitivity | Definition, Comparison & More | Calculators Inside


Since the early days of our gaming live over 35 years ago, FPS games have always been about proper mouse sensitivity. Masakari and I have probably combined hundreds of hours of experience fine-tuning our aiming, mouse grip, mouse handling, and mouse settings. Unfortunately, nothing is more frustrating than the wrong sensitivity, and every shot misses. … Read more

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