Best Monitor Settings For BenQ XL2546 (2023)

Best Monitor Settings For BenQ XL2546

I think it’s no secret that gamers use gaming monitors with a high heart rate (at least 144 Hz) to display the FPS that your high-end system produces. You can easily test what a huge difference this makes. First, play on a 240Hz monitor and then switch to a standard 60Hz monitor. If you don’t … Read more

Does My Router Matter For Gaming? Things You SHOULD Know (2023)

Does Your Router Matter For Gaming

Over the past 35 years, Masakari and I have played over many different connections. We started with network connections connected in chains (BNC), LAN parties with thousands of players in a network, and ending with today’s online MMOs.   So the question, if your router influences your game, we can answer short and to the point: … Read more

Earbuds vs Headsets | Know the Pros & Cons for Better Gaming (2023)


In my long gaming career and especially in my time as a pro gamer, I have used many headsets and earbuds and have high demands on my sound equipment. Unfortunately, in my best time (about 20 years ago, oh man, I am old), there were no earbuds with good enough sound quality. With today’s offer, … Read more

Gaming Mouse Pad | Why, Types, Size, Pro Picks? (2023)

gaming mouse pad

During my 20+ years of first-person shooter experience, I’ve tried many different gaming mouse pads and found that not every mouse pad is suitable for every gamer. This post will show you all the decision criteria and which type of mouse pad is recommended. Many pro gamers use cloth mouse pads like the Steelseries QcK … Read more

Is a Vertical Mouse Good For Gaming? (2023)


This post is about ergonomic mice and whether you can use them for gaming. More specifically, let’s look at whether these types of mice might not be better for gaming than conventional mice. A vertical or ergonomic computer mouse is a suitable replacement for a regular mouse in games with a low click rate. The … Read more