Best NVIDIA Control Settings for FPS Games (2023)

Best NVIDIA Control Settings For FPS Games

Besides the in-game settings, the NVIDIA Control Settings are probably the best way to improve the performance of your system without a hardware upgrade. For me, it’s always about maximum performance, and I also accept quality losses as long as it doesn’t negatively affect my personal performance. To that end, it’s important to note that … Read more

Best Monitor Settings For BenQ XL2546 (2023)

Best Monitor Settings For BenQ XL2546

I think it’s no secret that gamers use gaming monitors with a high heart rate (at least 144 Hz) to display the FPS that your high-end system produces. You can easily test what a huge difference this makes. First, play on a 240Hz monitor and then switch to a standard 60Hz monitor. If you don’t … Read more

Why Is Mobile Gaming So Popular? Growth Explained (2023)

Why Is Mobile Gaming So Popular

Few sectors in the gaming industry have grown as quickly and become as important to publishers as mobile gaming. As a result, mobile gaming is the first entry point for almost every gamer today. Even though we have only had a more profound experience with PUBG Mobile so far, Masakari and I see the potential … Read more

Where Can I Get Quality Information About Esports? (2023)

Where Can I Get Quality Information About Esports

Esports is getting bigger and bigger worldwide, and something extraordinary happens every day. But who has the time to watch every Livestream, follow the latest rumors, and stay up to date?  Meanwhile, many exciting sources of information have developed. In this article, we try to give you an excellent introduction to the world of information … Read more

What Makes a Mobile Phone Good for Gaming? (2023)

What Makes a Phone Good for Gaming

You won’t have to buy a new smartphone for simple mobile games that you can download “for free” from any app store. But what about graphics-intensive games like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty? Which cell phone is suitable for these games?  We’ve upgraded a bit ourselves with an ASUS ROG Phone and some other … Read more

Should I Turn AMD FSR On or Off For Gaming? (2023)


In the last 35 years, there has been a tremendous development in the representation of graphics in video games. I have seen countless features for optimization during this time, most of which have only addressed very specific hardware. The latest twist is “upscaling”. AMD works tirelessly to improve the graphics performance of their graphics cards, … Read more