DPI, eDPI + Sensitivity | Definition, Comparison & More | Calculators Inside (2023)

Since the early days of our gaming live over 35 years ago, FPS games have always been about proper mouse sensitivity. Masakari and I have probably combined hundreds of hours of experience fine-tuning our aiming, mouse grip, mouse handling, and mouse settings. Unfortunately, nothing is more frustrating than the wrong sensitivity, and every shot misses. … Read more

Mouse Sensitivity Converter | How to Use (2023)

If you want to start with the basics of Sensitivity, DPI, and eDPI, then jump here for a moment and then come back: If you are familiar with all of this and want to quickly convert your sensitivity from one game to another, follow the step-by-step guide below. We use our Sensitivity Converter (also called … Read more

Teamspeak vs Discord for Gaming – Comparison (2023)

Teamspeak vs Discord for Gaming

This article will show you the differences between Teamspeak and Discord. Gamers around the globe use both tools. Which voice chat tool is better for gaming? Teamspeak serves all requirements explicitly and solves all problems of a good player in the context of communication and gaming. The most significant factor is, of course, the voice … Read more

Best Tools + Apps for Playing FPS Games (2023)

Masakari and I have each been playing video games for over 35 years now. Especially in the FPS genre, an entire ecosystem of tools develops immediately after releasing a game to provide optimal support for competitive players. Some aim for more performance, others for more information with stats to help the player develop more specifically. … Read more