Best Monitor Settings For BenQ XL2546 (2023)

I think it’s no secret that gamers use gaming monitors with a high heart rate (at least 144 Hz) to display the FPS that your high-end system produces.

You can easily test what a huge difference this makes. First, play on a 240Hz monitor and then switch to a standard 60Hz monitor.

If you don’t notice the blatant difference, you should stop gaming or at least not aim for a competitive career. 😀

Years ago, I already dealt with which monitors are preferred by pro gamers. See also our article:

There, you stumble across BenQ monitors again and again.

My first BenQ monitor was the BenQ XL2411P with 144 Hz. After upgrading my system, however, I wanted to see all my FPS on the monitor as well, so I switched to the BenQ XL2546 with its 240Hz.

However, one problem with BenQ is the monitors’ default settings because they are usually not suitable. 😀

Fortunately, however, the BenQ XL2546 has various settings options.

After intensive research and much trial and error, I have found my best settings over the last 2.5 years.

It is important to note that these settings are the best for my system and therefore do not automatically work equally well for everyone because you always have to consider the settings in combination with the NVIDIA Control Panel settings and, of course, also with the ingame settings of your favorite game.

However, as a starting point to find your best settings, the following settings should serve very well.

Let’s go!

Game Settings



Black eQualizer


Color Vibrance


Low Blue Light   


Instant Mode   


The most important settings here are BenQ’s exclusive technologies, namely DyAC and Black eQualizer. Black eQualizer, in particular, brightens dark areas in the image so significantly and thus illuminates every corner so that no opponent can hide in the dark and lurk unseen.









Gamma 5

Color Temperature

User Define (R 100 G 100 B 100)



Senseye Demo


Color settings are always a matter of taste. The most important setting here is probably sharpness because this setting sharpens the image without overloading your graphics card. If you are interested in the topic of sharpness in general, take a look at this article:




Display Mode   


If you want to use the 240Hz, it is necessary to use the monitor via the DisplayPort of your graphics card.

Final Thoughts

I hope these settings will help you to quickly find your best monitor settings because if you can use the full potential of the BenQ XL2546, you will have a lot of fun, and more importantly, you will be able to better show your peak performance.

If you have a question about the post or pro gaming in general, write to us:

Masakari – moep, moep and out!

Former pro gamer Andreas "Masakari" Mamerow has been an active gamer for over 35 years, more than 20 of them in the competitive scene (Esports). In CS 1.5/1.6, PUBG and Valorant, he has led and coached teams at the highest level.
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