Best Monitor Settings For BenQ XL2546 (2023)

Best Monitor Settings For BenQ XL2546

I think it’s no secret that gamers use gaming monitors with a high heart rate (at least 144 Hz) to display the FPS that your high-end system produces. You can easily test what a huge difference this makes. First, play on a 240Hz monitor and then switch to a standard 60Hz monitor. If you don’t … Read more

Best Monitor for FPS Gaming | Pro Gamer Picks (2023)

Masakari and I have been playing video games for over 35 years, focusing on first-person shooters. So we’ve been looking at PC monitors from different manufacturers for almost as long. And every few years, we ask ourselves, just like you: What is the best gaming monitor right now? Which hardware can I trust? In this … Read more

Are Curved Monitors Good for Gaming? Consider THIS before Buying! (2023)

Are Curved Monitors Good for Gaming

Are curved monitors good for gaming? Or should you go for a regular flat screen? As a competitive gamer with over 35 years of experience, I have spent countless hours testing different monitors, screen sizes, and technical features. This post discusses if or when curved monitors make sense for gaming compared to flat-screen monitors. I … Read more

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