Earbuds vs Headsets | Know the Pros & Cons for Better Gaming (2023)


In my long gaming career and especially in my time as a pro gamer, I have used many headsets and earbuds and have high demands on my sound equipment. Unfortunately, in my best time (about 20 years ago, oh man, I am old), there were no earbuds with good enough sound quality. With today’s offer, … Read more

Are Wireless Headsets Good for Gaming? (2023)

headphone on skull

In this post, we banish all cables and take a look at wireless headsets. More specifically, we’re talking about wireless gaming headsets that have established themselves on the market in recent years. So naturally, gamers always ask themselves whether it makes sense to use these headsets for gaming. Wireless headsets have two significant disadvantages that … Read more

Why Do Pro Gamers Use two Headphones? (2023)

More and more esport events get broadcasted on Twitch or Youtube. On closer inspection, a new viewer always notices a strange detail: Each gamer wears two headphones on top of each other. Why do they do that? At live events, pro gamers wear two headphones on top of each other. The inner in-ear headphone outputs … Read more