Is IKEA’s Gaming Furniture Any Good? (2023)

We’ve sat at a few tables and on a few chairs in our gaming careers. Whether at home, at friends’ houses, or LAN events, the variations ranged from simple wooden tables and chairs to proper gaming furniture.

Did this have an impact on performance and gameplay? Yes, of course!

And now the most famous furniture manufacturer comes to the market with gaming furniture.

So, we had to take a closer look right away. We also had a lot of questions about it.

Here’s a quick first impression of IKEA for gamers:

Ah, a little note beforehand: We have no relationship with IKEA. We are not an affiliate of IKEA and have not received any products from IKEA for testing. We have looked at the furniture in an IKEA store and tested it.

You should do that too 😉

Here we go…

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Why Is IKEA Making Gaming Furniture?

IKEA has recently made its way to the gaming furniture segment, but what made it do so?

Here are some reasons why the brand is now making gaming furniture:

To Capitalize On The Money Making Opportunity  

According to reports, the global gaming market value has surpassed $170 billion, and with exceptional growth, it is expected to surpass $310 billion by 2026. This makes it a massive segment with phenomenal year-on-year growth. We had already shown in this post that the gaming industry has already loosely overtaken Hollywood:

IKEA, the world leader in home accessories and furniture, has recognized that there is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this growth due to the lack of a brand in the gaming furniture segment.

To Win The Love And Loyalty Of Gamers

By offering its products at a reasonable price, the brand has won the hearts of millions of global gamers, who will now serve as IKEA ambassadors.

This implies that such gamers will make additional purchases from IKEA in the future, generating additional revenue for the brand.

To Provide Ease To Players

In its endeavor, the company has collaborated with ROG (Republic Of Gamers), the gaming division of ASUS. It expects to make the lives of gamers easier by providing them with superior quality gaming products.

To Ensure High Gaming Performance

The mental state with which a gamer participates in his gaming sessions greatly influences his performance. With furniture specifically designed for gaming needs, players will be at ease and hence show better performance.

We have experienced this ourselves often enough.

If you feel comfortable as a player, then you go into a match entirely differently than if, for example, the table is too small.

To Continue Its Trend Of Being The Trendsetter

IKEA has always been a trendsetter, and it continues to be the best in class when it comes to offering new products.

To Use the Gaming Platform For Marketing 

With multiple gamers and streamers having their own YouTube channels, launching easily recognizable iconic IKEA furniture gives the brand an extra chance to market itself as the best.

To Fill In The Gap

Another reason IKEA is making gaming furniture is that gamers worldwide have long voiced displeasure with the lack of a reputable gaming furniture brand. As a result, they have been forced to use furniture that has been designed for other purposes.

But the wait is over. IKEA has finally listened to gamers’ feedback, and they can now purchase the various items launched by the brand.

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What Kind Of Gaming Products Does IKEA Offer?

The gaming products offered by IKEA can be broadly classified into three categories which include:

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Gaming Desks

A gaming desk is one of the essential furniture pieces that players require. IKEA has a wide range of gaming desks that all serve the same purpose: to address the needs and requirements of players.

As a result, all of these gaming desks can support at least two monitors. Several modern gamers prefer using more than one monitor to immerse themselves in the gameplay fully.

IKEA has even studied the behavior of gamers from all over the world and discovered that these players like to personalize their belongings. As a result, the surfaces of these gaming desks can be easily customized to add a layer of personalization to them.

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Gaming Chairs

A comfortable gaming chair is a must-have if you want to win your gaming sessions. The IKEA gaming chairs have been designed to make the overall gameplay experience as comfortable as possible, resulting in exceptional results for the players.

These chairs are not only comfortable to sit on but are also exceptionally good-looking, fitting in perfectly with the character of the gamers and the ambiance most gamers prefer while participating in their multi-hour gaming sessions.

So, you can say goodbye to boring chair designs and welcome IKEA’s gaming chairs that have been diligently designed.

Of course, if you have enough money lying around, Masakari still swears by his gaming chair from noble, but otherwise, IKEA’s value for money is unbeatable.

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Gaming Accessories

IKEA’s gaming furniture is more than just a gaming desk and chair. As a result, the company provides a diverse range of accessories that, while small in size, produce an undeniably positive overall impact.

IKEA currently offers a variety of gaming accessories, including but not limited to pegboards, mouse bungees, CPU stands, posters, cup holders, neck pillows, and ring lamps.

This showcases that the company has left no stone unturned in meeting the needs of modern-day players.

Is IKEA Gaming Furniture Good Compared To Other Brand Products?

IKEA has its distinct identity. The company is known for providing customers with cutting-edge products, and this trend is continuing in the gaming furniture industry.

Targeting The Masses

While a brand may be preferred by a specific group of individuals, how people react to its products, in general, is what distinguishes it from its competitors.

IKEA has avoided the bling typically associated with gaming items, often giving them an unconventional appearance that everyone does not praise.

Rather than going all glamorous and extravagant, IKEA has stayed more on the neutral side by offering furniture that actually works. All gaming desks and chairs have been provided in two colors only: black (or black/grey) and white. 

This means that, while products from other brands may give the impression of being more trendy, IKEA has tried to give its items a look that is appreciated by the masses.

Great Attention To Detail 

The collaboration with ROG has also allowed the brand to address the needs and desires of all gamers in great detail. 

For example, hanging your headphones on the left side of the table may not seem like an option worth mentioning, but it provides an excellent place for you to hang your headphones instead of dropping them here and there.

A Unified Feeling

The entire arrangement appears to follow a pattern rather than each item belonging to a separate world and being forced to stick together without making much sense.

This means that IKEA gaming furniture is a much better option than many other products because it is both functional and visually appealing.

Is The Price-Performance Ratio Of IKEA Gaming Furniture Good?

The response varies depending on who is answering it. Still, in general, I’d say that IKEA gaming furniture follows the brand’s trend and thus offers high-quality items at extremely low prices.

The company understands that by offering its gaming furniture at a lower price point, it will be able to attract a greater number of customers.

Gaming Desks

The gaming desks range from $159 to $599. Although the top-tier gaming desks are expensive, they are only for gamers who demand too much from their furniture. Like luxury vehicles, these desks have memory settings that allow you to change the height of the table with the push of a single button.

Gaming Chairs

The gaming chairs range in price from $70 to $300. Still, the lowest-priced option does a good job of meeting the needs of most gamers.

However, if you want extra padding for greater comfort, you should go for the $300 option.

Gaming Accessories

The accessories cost as little as $7 and can go up to $137. However, the majority of the items are under $30, and when combined or used as a single entity, they have the potential to drastically change the way your room looks.

These accessories may appear small in size but can significantly impact how you enjoy your gaming experience.

How much does a complete set of gaming furniture for a professional player cost at IKEA?

Image Source

I focused on what a professional gamer really needs in the following list. For example, a gaming desk from IKEA allows you to attach the speakers of a stereo system. However, hardcore gamers play with a headset and don’t need this option.

I will give reasons next to each product why it made it into my selection.

IKEA Gaming ProductReasonPrice (Q1/2022)
Gaming Desk “UPPSPELBesides the great design, the front cutout helps you sit closer to the screen. A professional gamer should always use the possibility to raise the desk when other longer sessions at the screen are necessary between games. For example, tactics discussions, (video) analyses, etc. 
A significant problem of professional players is back problems due to seated activity.
Gaming Chair “GRUPPSPEL” (beige or black/gray and NOT black)IKEA Gaming ChairAgain, don’t save on the chair because this is the workplace of a professional gamer. If you save here, you save on your health. Don’t take the more expensive “black” version because the leather cover will stick uncomfortably to the skin at higher temperatures in summer.$299.99
Cup Holder “LÅNESPELAREIKEA Cup HolderDrinks have no place on the table. With the Cup Holder, you have your drink quickly at hand.$12.00
Gaming Mousepad “LÅNESPELAREIKEA Gaming MousepadThe mouse pad makes a decent impression. As long as the dimensions are sufficient for you, it’s a no-brainer. A mousepad from a reputable manufacturer might be more durable, but you can buy several of them and keep them in reserve. You’ll still get a better price.

If you’re a low-sens player, IKEA also has a larger, wider version on sale for just under $10 more.
Multi-functional cushion/blanket “LÅNESPELAREIKEA Gaming BlanketAt first glance, you think, OMG, what is this? But then it makes sense. Professional gamers must go into the match with warm hands so that all muscles and tendons function optimally. In general, a warm body condition is more pleasant than sitting at the table shivering. So we each took one and now use it daily.$24.99
Drawer unit “UPPSPELIKEA Container UnitIn any case, the desk must remain completely free. This small cabinet has a border on the top and a headset holder. The open compartment is also nice for quickly grabbing things like a charging cable, pen, or energy snack.$149.99

Okay, let’s add that up for a second. We came up with $1,063.95 for a complete set. Especially on the gaming desk, it saved a few hundred dollars.

You may have looked at the IKEA website now and thought. And what about the mouse bungee? Good question. More and more professional gamers are switching to wireless mice like the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT. This then solves the cable problem. 

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Final Thoughts

IKEA’s entry into the gaming community is another indication that gaming and Esports have arrived in the middle of society. Masakari and I are very excited about this development because it continues to grow the gaming ecosystem. That means more and more gamers are getting a chance to turn their favorite hobby into a profession.

IKEA seems to have a precise plan on how to get the trust of the gaming community together with ROG.

Here you can find a video of the designer of the gaming furniture and some interesting behind the scene footage:

We’re really excited to see how things are going at IKEA.

If you have a question about the post or pro gaming in general, write us:

GL & HF! Flashback out.