Does My Router Matter For Gaming? Things You SHOULD Know (2023)

Does Your Router Matter For Gaming

Over the past 35 years, Masakari and I have played over many different connections. We started with network connections connected in chains (BNC), LAN parties with thousands of players in a network, and ending with today’s online MMOs.   So the question, if your router influences your game, we can answer short and to the point: … Read more

Which Settings for Gaming on Windows 10/11? | Ultimate Guide (2023)

Best WINDOWS Settings For FPS Games

Together with Masakari, I am always searching for more frames per second, lower latency, smoother gameplay, and more vision. We have been playing video games for over 35 years. Since the beginning, we have tweaked our systems for more performance. You can find many guides like this on the internet, but most authors have no … Read more