Teamspeak vs Discord for Gaming – Comparison (2023)

This article will show you the differences between Teamspeak and Discord. Gamers around the globe use both tools. Which voice chat tool is better for gaming?

Teamspeak serves all requirements explicitly and solves all problems of a good player in the context of communication and gaming. The most significant factor is, of course, the voice quality, which has not been achieved by any other tool so far. Teamspeak consumes almost no system resources and runs very consistently.

But why can’t Discord prevail in the field of voice chat? And why do all players still use Discord in parallel?

Teamspeak vs Discord for Gaming

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Teamspeak vs. Discord

Many comparison tables on the Internet compare all the features of these tools. Discord and other tools have, of course, much more functions than Teamspeak. But what’s the point of that in terms of Esport? None at all. A Formula 1 driver doesn’t need a parking aid in his car or an electric window opener.

So in this table, I will only show you the essential functions that are important for a Pro Gamer.

As you can see, Discord has a bigger footprint when it comes to your system resources. Players also repeatedly report performance drops when using Discord’s voice chat.

A pro gamer is very careful to make sure there is no shortage of RAM, CPU, disk I/O, etc. Even if the top gamers have monster machines, reading textures, for example, can use the hard drive to its maximum capacity. If Discord is doing something on the hard drive at that moment, it can cost FPS – a no-go for every pro gamer.

If you don’t have the best PC, you should worry about it all the more.

Another very mundane reason why pro gamers use Teamspeak is: At offline events (e.g., world championship finals), the athletes’ systems usually have no internet access. So Discord and most other tools on the market do not work. So Teamspeak is used to 99%.

Why should you always play with another tool (Discord) if you suddenly have to use Teamspeak at the most crucial moment of your career? Doesn’t make sense.

Discord is nevertheless a MUST.

Despite the disadvantages of voice chat, every Pro Gamer also has the Discord app running.


Discord has become something like a social media platform for gamers. It’s where communities are built, friendships are made, pictures and videos are exchanged, and the daily hot stuff is thrown into the round. So if you are looking for contacts (like you), you should also call Discord your home.

Your game will also have a big community server somewhere, either from the game’s creator or one of the more prominent top teams. Here is the “Place to be.” You will find channels for searching for players and organizations that make it very easy for you to connect.

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The Future of Teamspeak

In 2019, Teamspeak became the highest Overwatch league’s official partner. With over 125 million Teamspeak licenses sold, the broad user base is still there. Discord & Co. will continue to grow but will serve the general masses and not primarily Esport.

I personally believe that Teamspeak has its ear very close to the players and knows exactly which functions and features will be needed in their software in the future. Even though Discord is faster for some functionalities (e.g., the twitch integration), Teamspeak will always follow suit in the foreseeable future.

The interface will surely get a redesign soon because the Win95 look will be unstoppable at some point. Less and fewer players will customize the GUI design. For sure, nobody has to worry about Teamspeak.


As a pro gamer, and especially as an ambitious team, there are excellent reasons to use Teamspeak for voice chat.

The sound quality, the latency-free transmission, and the unbelievably low load on the own system resources are still three convincing arguments.

No other tool on the market has put Teamspeak at risk in these categories. Yes, the look is old. Yes, it’s not a hub platform where I can jump somewhere else with just one click. And yes, text chat and media exchange like videos and pictures are better done somewhere else. Still, Teamspeak remains indispensable, and you should spend some time with it if you have only used Discord & Co. so far.

You can find a first video guide here:

Here is the link to the Teamspeak homepage, where you can download the Teamspeak Client.

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