Why Do Pro Gamers Prefer Mechanical Keyboards? (2023)

This post will show you why gamers, especially pro gamers, prefer to use mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards give the user immediate feedback via clearly defined pressure points. A player can perform faster key changes and press keys more precisely with a mechanical keyboard. The type of keyboard significantly influences the performance of a player.

There are other reasons why gamers mainly use mechanical keyboards. One point, for example, is the noise when the key is pressed. Gamers talk to teammates via voice chat tools like Teamspeak or Discord. In most cases, the microphone picks up at a certain volume of one’s voice. It is annoying when the keyboard’s clacking causes the microphone to turn on, and the noise disturbs the teammates. Mechanical keyboards are extremely quiet as long as you don’t bang on them in anger ;o)

To show in more detail why mechanical keyboards are well received by gamers or why all gaming keyboards are mechanical, let’s look around the market.

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What Types of Keyboards Exist?

1. Multimedia Keyboards

As we can guess by the name that this keyboard includes multimedia buttons that help us control different media with just a single tap. Multimedia Keyboards have key buttons that start, stop, play, next, previous, volume up, volume down, mute, and some special key buttons that launch the music on your PC also. You can also control the video playback by using it. Music lovers generally use them.

2. Mechanical Keyboards

The mechanical keyboards contain a real physical key button. On pressing that button, it goes down, and an electrically generated signal is sent to the PC. Typically, Mechanical keyboards are used by gamers and the typist for better gaming and typing experience. They are usually very sustainable and reliable and have a high lifespan.

3. Wireless Keyboards

Wireless keyboards are connected with the PC by Bluetooth or Radio Frequency. The PC’s main advantage is that if you have a good WIFI connection, you can also use this keyboard by sitting away from the PC. And the second advantage is that you can use this keyboard with any device like Mobile, PC, Tablet, Laptop, etc. The disadvantage can be the battery life, but the batteries in modern keyboards sometimes last for weeks.

4. Virtual Keyboards

The virtual keyboard is one of the most commonly used keyboards in the era of smartphones. Virtual keyboards are not a piece of hardware. They are software. Virtual keyboards are easy to use just by touching them with your fingers. You can also use a Virtual keyboard on your PC by just typing ON-SCREEN Keyboard in the search bar.

5. One-Hand Keyboards

The one-hand keyboards are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the ones who are limited to a wheelchair or have arthritis. These keyboards are designed so that they can be operated with just one hand. It is used for working on the PC, smartphones, tablets, etc.

6. Wireless Keyboards for TV

These keyboards have been specially designed to keep in mind the needs of users who love watching TV or movies. They are much lighter than regular keyboards and a little bit bigger too. The unique feature is that these keyboards can be paired with Bluetooth devices like Mobile Phones, Smartphones, and Tablets.

7. Ergonomic Keyboards

If you look carefully, it resembles the shape of the English alphabet ‘V.’ The developers mentioned that these types of keyboards are made for two-handed people, so they use them efficiently and with comfort. If you want to make your speed increase, you can use this keyboard. In the beginning, it may be difficult for you, but when you get used to it, you can see the difference in your typing speed.

8. Gaming Keyboards

The gaming Keyboard is usually made for pro or competitive gamers to play games with more ease. These keyboards contain some unique features. The main advantage of this keyboard is its appearance. You would fall in love with its design at first look. RGB lights make the gaming keyboard more adorable and unique. Most of the gaming keyboards are mechanical keyboards.

9. Gaming Keypads

The gaming keypad is mostly used by pro gamers who play games with their hands and feet or controllers. These Keypads have some key buttons for controlling the movement of the players and some special controls also. They are available in various forms, and the price differs accordingly.

10. Individual Gaming Keypads

This keypad is somewhat similar to a regular gaming keypad. The only difference is it includes more buttons that can be used for carrying out various actions in gaming, and the ergonomic shape is formed especially for your hand.

11. Typist Keyboards

As you would have guessed by the name, these keyboards are used by typists or people who want to type fast because of their appealing design, smooth key pressing, and soft key pressing. You can also get the most accurate typing experience with a typist keyboard because its keys are softer than usual keyboards.

12. Ordinary (or Membrane) Keyboards

These kinds of keyboards are the ones that you regularly see in your daily life for typing URLs while surfing online, making notes, writing documents, etc. Ordinary keyboards are usually not durable like other keyboards, so they cannot be used for an extended period. Sometimes, they may break at once while doing some quick movements with our fingers to type fast.

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What Are the Benefits of a Mechanical Keyboard vs. a Non-Mechanical Keyboard?

The main benefit of a Mechanical keyboard is its soft key button. You don’t have to press a key all the way down to make it register. In simple words, it means we can press halfway and stop. This allows us to type fast with more incredible speed and less fatigue. A mechanical keyboard is more way more reliable than a membrane keyboard. Its one more most important benefit is, it can let you play the game with more ease. Esports gamers and Pro gamers mostly use Mechanical Keyboard. The mechanical keyboard can provide us more direct feedback rather than a membrane keyboard. Its key switches also make them more unique and distinctive from a regular keyboard.

Why is it Essential for Pro Gamers to Play With the Best Keyboard Available?

Best keyboards are an essential part of gaming. The reason is obvious if you are playing a pc game, you need a keyboard that makes your gameplay easy. As a gamer, you have to switch your key buttons more quickly, so it is more important to have the best keyboard to play a game. Most of the gamers preferred the wired keyboard because of the gaming experience. The wired computer connects directly with the computer so that it might prevent lagging. They make your gameplay easy and with less fatigue.

As you know nowadays, Esports is trending worldwide. The competition is increasing day by day. The profits are getting bigger as well as the media interest. Small things now determine victory or defeat and thus a lot of money and fame. An esport athlete can no longer afford to compete with second-rate equipment and run behind the competition. The best pro gamers, according to prosetting.net, currently use the following three keyboards:

There are keyboard manufacturers that allow you to use different types of keys. For example, the manufacturer Cherry or Logitech offers red and blue switches among the keys.

What is the Difference Between Blue and Red Switches?

If you are a gamer and want a better gaming experience, Cherry MX Red Switch is better. They are so light in weight as compared to the other switches available in the market. They don’t make a lot of sounds when you are switching your key buttons. If you are an active person and want to make your fingers quick, this switch is best.
If you are a typist and have to type many things, Cherry MX Blue Switch is best for you. They are so tactile it may be difficult for some. Still, if you are a typist and have to type a lot, this is best for you. It makes your typing easy and can make your typing enjoyable if you are a typist.


If you are a gamer or play video games frequently, do yourself a favor and get yourself a gaming keyboard. Almost all gaming keyboards are mechanical keyboards. We have shown you the advantages of such a keyboard. It is quieter and, above all, more precise in operation than other types of keyboards. Pro gamers, in particular, need the extra percent performance to deliver top performance. As a cherry on top, many gaming keyboards have fancy lighting. Those who also stream besides gaming will undoubtedly be happy about the nice and individually adjustable LED lighting.

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