Reviewed By A Pro: KLIM Chroma Wireless Keyboard (2023)

In my 35 years of gaming experience, I have had countless peripherals of all kinds (keyboards, mice, headsets, etc.) in use. However, since I’ve been in Esports, I have to say that I’ve generally always used the highest quality peripherals.

These products were sent to us by KLIM Technologies. Thx!

The company KLIM Technologies approached me and asked me to take a closer look at some of their products and test their quality. For this purpose, they provided me with several devices free of charge. First, I’ll look at the KLIM Chroma wireless keyboard in this article.

If you are also interested in the other KLIM devices I tested, feel free to check them out here.

When working with KLIM Technologies, it was important to me that I could write my honest opinion independently, which is also explicitly desired by KLIM Technologies. My focus is also less on the detailed technology because the number of keys, input lag, or power value of the battery is no longer a decisive factor for gaming products.

More critical are the handling, durability, and adaptability with regard to FPS games.

Well then, let’s go!

Note: This article was written in English. Translations into other languages may not provide the same linguistic quality. We apologize for grammatical and semantic errors.

Here is a short promotional video from KLIM, so you can get a first impression of their esports engagement...

The KLIM Chroma Wireless is a wireless gaming keyboard. I used this keyboard for several weeks in heavy daily use, both in gaming and my everyday activities on a Windows PC.

This means the keyboard was put through a hardcore test with 12-16 hours of daily use.

By the way, the keyboard is also compatible with Playstation and XBOX One.

Scope of delivery

The keyboard KLIM Chroma Wireless in its full beauty.

The KLIM Chroma Wireless comes in stylish packaging that is common in the industry. Enclosed is a small envelope from the manufacturer. It contains some very nice stickers from KLIM Technologies and a letter.

I won’t reveal the letter’s contents, but so you know, it shows that at least some people at KLIM Technologies have a great sense of humor in marketing. 😀

Otherwise, the accessories are clear but completely sufficient.

You get a charging cable for the keyboard.

The charging cable is a USB-C charging cable and can thus also be used for other devices with this port.

A quick start guide is also included, which is especially helpful for explaining the key combinations to control the backlight.

Last but not least, there’s a USB receiver attached to the back of the keyboard that attaches to the computer when you’re using the keyboard but can be safely stowed away this way if you ever need to transport the keyboard.


The design of the keyboard is absolutely high-quality. I would call it a typical gaming keyboard design, appealing but also nothing extraordinary. With a weight of 480g, it is also pleasantly light.

RGB Lights

I am not a big fan of RGB lighting. It consumes additional power, which costs money, but of course, leads to shorter battery life, especially with a wireless keyboard.

When I started gaming, there was no such thing, so maybe I don’t have a good connection to it. However, I know that many value it, so I can say that all the usual RGB functions are present, from permanent glows to certain flashing patterns and, of course, different colors, permanent and changing. Controllable via key combinations, which are explained in the enclosed manual.


Now we come to a not insignificant point. What can the KLIM Chroma Wireless do, and what is (technically) inside it?

Wireless Technology

The wireless technology from Klim Technologies (2.4 GHz) is absolutely impressive. I had no problems, the USB receiver on the computer and keyboard were activated, and everything worked fine.

According to KLIM, you can even use the keyboard 10m away from the receiver.

But since I rarely play or work 10m away from the desk, I did not test it 😉  


There is not much to say here. There is no separate software.

All settings can be made directly on the keyboard.

On the one hand, of course, very good, because you do not have to install extra software, use my computer resources, etc. On the other hand, however, it is thus impossible to combine RGB lighting of several devices, as it is possible with other manufacturers.

Since I usually do not use RGB lighting, I see this point rather as a positive one 😛



The keys are high quality and, above all, quiet, which is very important to me. For example, if you are streaming or using a voice tool while gaming, you don’t want your microphone to keep opening just because you press a few keys.

When gaming, I found the keys to be very precise, and everything worked flawlessly.

As a blogger, I have a speedy typing style, and I usually use a keyboard that, even with a cable, costs about 3 times as much compared to the KLIM Chroma Wireless. The KLIM Chroma Wireless also makes a good figure for pure typing.

I was also very satisfied in this area, so you can say that this keyboard is an all-rounder and, therefore, probably rightly the bestseller in the range of keyboards of the company KLIM Technologies.

Battery Runtime

Despite the extreme use with me, I had to charge the keyboard only once in several weeks (according to the manufacturer, a charging process takes about 4 hours, and that’s about right), and even then, you can simply continue to use the keyboard, there is just a cable attached. Of course, I can’t say how the battery performance behaves after longer use.

Of course, I must mention that I used the keyboard WITHOUT RGB lighting. I can imagine that it has to be charged much more often when used WITH RGB lighting.

Price-Performance Ratio

This is probably the big plus point of the KLIM Chroma Wireless.

While many wireless gaming keyboards are priced at $100 and up, the KLIM Chroma wireless is priced at around $50 or less. (Depending on your country, this may vary slightly from the prices mentioned). 

Where Can You Get It?

KLIM Technologies, of course, has any number of distribution channels. Products can be a few dollars cheaper at some hard-to-find retailers or sales platforms – we all know that. On the other hand, there is Amazon, usually with the best price, but most importantly, with the best service and smooth delivery.

If you want to take a closer look at the KLIM Chroma Wireless if only for the listing of more technical details or to get other opinions, you can jump to your nearest Amazon to the KLIM Chroma Wireless via this international link.


Bottom Line

All in all, I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by what a good product you get at this price from KLIM Technologies.

A very good technology combined with a more than reasonable price, so the price-performance ratio is very good.

Because it should be clear to everyone that products that cost double or triple the price will also be better in some areas (if not, something is going very wrong :-)).

However, suppose you’re looking for a gaming keyboard with very good wireless technology, which should also have RGB lighting, and don’t want to spend a fortune on it.

In that case, the KLIM Chroma Wireless is absolutely the right choice.

However, you might also like the KLIM Lightning Wireless keyboard‘s unique design better, which I also tested.

And here, you can find a direct comparison between the KLIM Chroma Wireless and the KLIM Lightning Wireless.

Masakari out – moep, moep.

Former pro gamer Andreas "Masakari" Mamerow has been an active gamer for over 35 years, more than 20 of them in the competitive scene (Esports). In CS 1.5/1.6, PUBG and Valorant, he has led and coached teams at the highest level.
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