About Maps in Fortnite: What You Should Know as a Player and Creator

An essential game element in a round of Battle Royale is the map on which the match takes place. I have played hundreds of games with different map designs in my life, but Fortnite stands out. From my experience, maps in FPS games are a major factor in popularity.

In this post, we’ll go into detail about maps in Fortnite and hopefully answer a question or two for you.

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How Many Maps Does Fortnite Have?

Only one map is installed with the Fortnite game. The manufacturer has not entirely ruled out the introduction of a second map. With the ability to create Creative Maps, any content creator can add new maps to the game. Countless new maps are added daily.

On this website, you can find popular and unusual creative maps:

There are lots of different types of maps. There are really no limits to creativity.

Why Does Fortnite Have Only One Map?

The Fortnite development team at Epic Games focuses on developing game content such as characters, skins, new features, event modes, bug fixes, and graphics or sound improvements. A complex map design process for a Battle Royale game can take several years and ties up many resources in relation to other game elements.

From my experience, I have to say that the concept of having only one map is unusual. At the same time, Epic Games has found a great solution to a major problem of all FPS games. Different maps ensure that matchmaking is divided among several queues. By using only one map, Fortnite can guarantee a well-filled queue with players at all times. The time for matchmaking is thus reduced to a minimum.

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What Is a Map Code and How Can I Play a Creative Map?

Fortnite Creative is a free game mode for crafting custom maps that can be shared with friends or the Fortnite community via Map Codes. Thousands of players and content creators create custom maps for Fortnite every day. You can select a Creative Map with a 12-digit Map Code. Each Map Code is unique. 

You can find Creative Map Codes on this website, for example, https://www.fortnitecreativehq.com/

You can use a Map Code by entering the creative or playground game mode in Fortnite and starting with “Play.” Walk up to any of the featured rifts. After selecting a rift, a pop-up window will ask you to enter the 12-digit map code. With a valid map code, the match will start with the chosen map.

How Do I Create a Custom Map in Fortnite?

Join the Creative Mode. Go to your personal rift and create a new island. You can now build your map from many different objects. Each object occupies a certain amount of memory. You cannot use more things than the memory maximum.

You can save your map and continue building it at a later time. To publish, you must register and be accepted into Epic Games’ Support-a-Creator program.

After a successful release, you will receive a 12-digit map code that you can give to other players for using your map.

Where to Find Weapons, Vehicles, Characters, and Quests in Fortnite?

For example, you can view the locations of weapons, characters, and quests on an interactive map from Fortnite.gg:

Where to Find Reboot Vans in Fortnite?

Reboot Vans are located at Points of Interest (POI) on a map. They are not marked on the map. Reboot Vans can also be found underwater. When using a reboot van, the location is revealed with a beam that rises vertically into the sky.

Final Thoughts

Epic Games has created an incredible ecosystem for the Fortnite community to create maps. This possibility compensates for the fact that there is only one included map for Fortnite and plays with the community’s imagination. These daily additions strengthen the community’s enthusiasm for Fortnite.

Fortnite never gets boring through Creative Maps, but also the constant development of the included map. This is undoubtedly a significant factor why the game has been extremely popular with streamers for over four years.

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