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Masakari and I have been playing video games together for over 35 years, with a particular focus on first-person shooters, for example, Fortnite. So we’ve spent nearly as much time looking at PC monitors from various manufacturers. And every few years, we, like you, ask ourselves, “What is the finest gaming monitor right now?” Which hardware can I put my faith in?

However, in this article, we’re not going to look at our own experience or any out-of-the-box reviews; instead, we’ll look at which monitors most Fortnite pro-gamers use. Of course, if you want to compete on the same level as professional gamers, you should use the same equipment.

When you go online to look for advice, you’re overwhelmed with reviews and top-5 lists of fantastic gaming displays. Surprisingly, each website promotes a different monitor. Finally, you’ve spent a lot of time, are perplexed, and haven’t progressed any farther.

We’re going to change that right now. We don’t make up any evaluation criteria or create a glitzy list of the alleged top monitors for you; instead, we rely on hard data from the field. And who better to assess the practice than hundreds of professional gamers who make a living by using a gaming monitor and playing Fortnite?

The motto is: If you want to know what the top equipment is right now for getting the best professional outcomes, get the same equipment as the experts because they have to perform at their best every day. After all, you do it in other aspects of your life as well.

Let’s look at the statistics of 222 Fortnite pro-gamers. But, before we do that, I’ll give you a quick rundown of our approach so you can comprehend everything.

Note: This article was written in English. Translations into other languages may not provide the same linguistic quality. We apologize for grammatical and semantic errors.


On, you can see the equipment used by professional gamers for many FPS games and other games. We made an effort to analyze thousands of data sets (as of 2021) (the link to our overall analysis comes at the end of this post). In the end, we did a blunt count and evaluated the data in different directions. As a result, we show you the best monitor for Fortnite.

And here we go.

What is the Best Monitor for Playing Fortnite?

32% of all Fortnite pro gamers play with the gaming monitor Alienware AW2518H and a 240Hz screen rate. 36.9% of all Fortnite Pro gamers play with a gaming monitor from the manufacturer Alienware.

Fortnite is pure action in the form of a battle royale. Quite excitingly, the game uncharacteristically has only one map. We have taken a closer look at that here:

Fortnite tends to attract a younger audience under 18 due to the colorful arcade graphics. It has a huge community that is constantly fed with new content. On, it is one of the most popular games among viewers as well. Unlike competitive communities of other games, the Alienware AW2518H has become the monitor of choice for Fortnite. No other FPS game examined used as many different models and manufacturers as Fortnite.

Probably the best Fortnite player in the world, Diego “Arkhram” Palma, is playing with this monitor.

Fun Fact for Hardcore Gamers only: Masakari is currently intensively testing the Azeron Gaming Keypad. This innovative input device could be an advantage for FPS games on PC and console. Just take a look at it on Amazon. We will publish a review soon. 

Best Gaming Monitor for Fortnite (2021)

Monitor ModellUsed by N Pro GamersPercentage
Alienware AW2518H7132%
BenQ XL 25462712.2%
ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q2611.7%
Others Combined9844.1%

N=222, Data Source:

Infographic: “Best Gaming Monitor for Fortnite (2021)” –

Monitor ManufacturerUsed by N Pro GamersPercentage
Others Combined3716.9%

N=222, Data Source:

Infographic: “Popular Gaming Monitor Manufacturers Fortnite (2021)” –

The best Monitor for playing Fortnite is:

Final Thoughts on the Best Monitor for Playing Fortnite

We are aware that sponsorships always play a role in games with a competitive scene in Esports. For example, if HP is the main sponsor of a Fortnite League, then more pros play with HP monitors because, on the one hand, the team sponsor wants that. On the other hand, the hardware provided at offline events such as the league finals also comes from HP.

Regardless of this, you can assume that esports organizations and teams are always anxious to compete with the best equipment to not be disadvantaged compared to the competition. There are teams with totally mixed monitors from different manufacturers. So there is no question of a sponsor constraint.

As a competitive gamer, we can only advise you to orient yourself entirely on the pros. Nobody deals with monitors, mice, graphic cards, etc., as intensively as the esport organizations and their players.

As a casual gamer, the results will give you a good indication of which gaming monitor or manufacturer is not junk. Most of the time, there are slimmed down and cheaper versions of the monitors mentioned here. Monitors from the same manufacturer with the same or similar serial numbers most likely come from the same factory and have the same quality.

In general, pro-gamers are more concerned with the small details of hardware and software, and it’s easier to get tips and tricks for graphics settings in Fortnite within the competitive scene. Also, if you have the same equipment as the pros, you can copy their settings and profit from their deep knowledge and experience.

No monitor will have five stars on Amazon, but that is normal. Transport damages, production errors, and irrelevant ratings (for example, the delivery time instead of the quality of the product) worsen the validity of the rating.

Therefore, our approach is and always has been: Buy the same as the pros.

We have not regretted it in 35 years of gaming, 20 of them in esports.

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