Is a Controller Better for Playing CoD Warzone 2? (2023)

Whether you play Call of Duty (Warzone) with a controller on the console or with a keyboard and mouse on the PC, you will ask yourself at the latest when playing against another platform whether a controller is an advantage or a disadvantage in this FPS game.

Masakari has over 20 years of competitive experience in FPS games and spent a few years playing on the Playstation. I admit, my attempts to beat him in kills were in vain. However, with my more modest experience on multiple platforms, I can completely support his statement on whether controllers are better for gaming:

Generally, a controller is always inferior to the mouse and keyboard combination. Even supporting functions like Aim Assist cannot raise the speed and precision to the same level. In special game situations like tracking the opponent quickly in close range, Aim Assist can give the controller a slight advantage.

There are, of course, different basic controllers depending on the console, and in the competitive scene, there are special controllers in use to take advantage of more on their platform. We address many different questions about the topic in this post.

Let´s go…

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Is Playing Warzone Better with Controller or Mouse?

The combination of mouse and keyboard is more precise and faster in aiming across platforms. At longer ranges, controllers are inferior to a connected mouse even with the Aim Assist function. At shorter ranges, Aim Assist improves the aiming significantly and makes the controller at least equal.

Warzone shows that controller players can keep up. Most battles are fought at close or medium range, so there is a good balance between mouse/keyboard and controller.

Of course, individual factors like the quality of the equipment, the own skill, and the familiarity with the controllers play a role. However, pro gamers acting on the same level show that no difference is noticeable in the case of Call of Duty.

Partly, the own gaming style decides whether the player prefers to play with the controller or the mouse.

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A gaming mouse that fits you makes a significant difference!

Which Controllers are Supported in Call of Duty Warzone?

All controllers included with a console are compatible. Any modern controller should be compatible. If a controller does not work, a virtual controller emulator can provide functionality. There is no official list of supported controllers from Activision for the Call of Duty Warzone.

What is a SCUF Controller?

A SCUF controller offers numerous possibilities to adjust design and functionalities to the player. Different paddles and sticks can be exchanged in size, length, and sensitivity and adapted to the player and game. Esports organizers accredit SCUF controllers. The modifiability is reflected in an increased price.

Are SCUF Controllers Worth it?

In general, SCUF controllers can be adapted to the specific needs of a player. The movement, precision, and reaction speed of the player are optimally supported. For pro gamers, this can mean an advantage in competition. The price reflects the increased benefit.

Does Aim Assist Work on PC with Controller?

Aim Assist is linked to the use of a controller regardless of the platform. As soon as a controller is connected to the PC and recognized, the setting for Aim Assist is set to “Standard” and is automatically activated.

Can Aim Assist be Used with Mouse and Keyboard?

The manufacturer does not intend to use the function Aim Assist with the mouse and keyboard. With a virtual controller that can emulate a controller using a mouse and keyboard, it is possible to enable the Aim Assist option.

While casual gamers do not have to fear any restrictions when using Aim Assist with mouse and keyboard, using a virtual controller in the competitive area can lead to penalties. Therefore, if you are playing in a league or tournament and using a virtual controller in conjunction with a mouse and keyboard, make sure you know the exact rules of the competition beforehand.

You will lose the advantage that a mouse has in long-range combats with sniper weapons. Instead, you get equal opportunities at short combat distances with players who natively use a controller.

Why is the Controller Option Locked in Warzone?

Controllers have a slight advantage at close range. A gaming mouse has a greater precision at very long distances. Locking the controller option prevents unfair switching of controllers during a match.  

If the option is locked for you, then you are in the matchmaking lobby. Just go from the matchmaking lobby to the main menu and into the settings. Under the tab General > Input Devices > Mouse and Keyboard / Controller, you can switch from mouse/keyboard to controller or vice versa.

If the option is still locked or the desired device is not recognized, unplug the USB connector again and reconnect the device. If in doubt, try a different USB port.

Can I Disable Crossplay on Warzone?

If matchmaking should only take place within the same platform, the option for cross-platform play can be deactivated in the settings. Depending on the time of day, local matchmaking may take longer with disabled crossplay.

Disabling crossplay does not affect the ability to play on the different platforms with controllers or mouse/keyboard.

Should I Disable Crossplay Warzone?

Console players often deactivate the cross-play function, as there are considerably more cheaters and hackers active with the PC version. Depending on the location and time of day, the deactivation could have a negative effect on matchmaking due to longer waiting times.

Once again, disabling crossplay does not affect the ability to play on the different platforms with a controller or mouse/keyboard.

Final Thoughts

Call of Duty Warzone has achieved the best balance between input types that an FPS shooter has ever had. Depending on your play style, you can choose between a controller or a mouse and keyboard. Even though the different devices have advantages and disadvantages, there is a relatively good balance between the platforms.

In a Battle Royale, aiming isn’t everything. The difference between games with controllers and games with a mouse and keyboard can be seen in the combat distances. At short range, controller players with Aim Assist have a reaction advantage. At medium range, the controllers are equal. At long range, aiming with a mouse is more precise.

It makes sense to try out all variants once to find out what suits you personally.

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