All About PUBG Mobile Servers – Q&A (2023)

Now and then, I venture into the world of mobile games with PUBG Mobile. It is always interesting for me to see where the differences in the functions and the game concepts of the individual platforms become visible.

After a few hundred hours of playing PUBG Mobile, as well as my background knowledge of IT applications and cloud services, I would like to share a few experiences about PUBG Mobile Servers with you.

Hopefully, I can anticipate your questions and can answer them accordingly.

Note: This article was written in English. Translations into other languages may not provide the same linguistic quality. We apologize for grammatical and semantic errors.

Where Are PUBG Mobile Servers Located in the World?

The game servers are located in the globally operating Amazon Web Services Cloud. The individual server instances are assigned to predefined locations distributed across the various continents with excellent Internet connections.

Known server locations are:

  • Ohio, USA
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • São Paulo, Brasil
  • Singapore

According to the privacy statement on, Account information is stored on servers in the following countries:

  • India (in the case of users located in India only)
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • Singapore
  • United States
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What Are the Server Regions of PUBG Mobile?

There are five regions: North America, South America, Europe, KRJP (Korea and Japan), and Asia. Game server locations in the Amazon Web Service Cloud are grouped into server regions. In general, matchmaking assigns the player or team to servers in the closest region.  

Tencent tries to reach all players worldwide with an optimal distribution of the PUBG Mobile server instances. The respective technical possibilities and costs influence the selection of server regions within the Amazon Web Services Cloud. For example, it may be that not all regions in the Amazon Cloud have necessary functions for the high availability of server instances or that precisely these required functions cause uneconomical costs in some regions.

Are PUBG Mobile and PC Servers the Same?

Generally speaking, separating applications has advantages in terms of operation and maintenance.  Even if a parallel operation is technically possible, PUBG Mobile runs on different server instances than PUBG or PUBG Lite. The risk of a mutual negative influence is too high.

As an IT Architect who has designed services to operate in the cloud, I can speak from experience. PUBG Mobile and other PUBG versions would take away each other’s resources if run in parallel. Of course, the resources will be better utilized, but at the same time, there will be more bottlenecks, which will have a direct impact on the gameplay in the form of packet loss, drops in the tick rate, and various other harmful effects.

PUBG Mobile is therefore guaranteed to run on its own server instances.

The IP addresses of PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC servers may be the same. However, this only indicates that they are active in the same location within the Amazon Web Service Cloud. Due to load balancing services, the actual IPs of the servers are not known to the outside world.

Do PUBG Mobile Players Get Matched With PC Emulators?

PUBG Mobile Emulators on PC behave like a regular mobile device. For PUBG Mobile, there is no difference between players playing PUBG Mobile natively or via an emulator on a PC. In matchmaking, players are considered equally and not separated.

Can PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC Players Play Together on a Server?

PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC are different applications that differ in program versions and functionality. It is also impossible to connect players from both platforms because PUBG Mobile is run on its own server instances.

Can PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console Players Play Together on a Server?

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console are different applications that differ in program versions and functionality. It is also impossible to connect players from both platforms because PUBG Mobile is run on its own server instances.

Can PUBG Mobile Players with iOS and Android Devices Play Together?

The PUBG Mobile versions for iOS and Android have the same features and always correspond to the same version. PUBG Mobile supports iOS and Android devices as one platform. For matchmaking, it is not relevant by which mobile device a player is connected.

Where to Check the Health of PUBG Mobile Servers?

Based on reports from affected players, outages can be tracked live on various unofficial websites. Some websites claim to display the status of PUBG Mobile servers. However, there is currently no official website that displays the state of the game servers. 

On this website, players can report problems with PUBG Mobile servers from all regions:

Where to Check Ping to PUBG Mobile Servers?

During a match of PUBG Mobile, the connection quality is displayed in the form of a green (very good), yellow (average), or orange (poor) icon in one corner of the screen. More precise measuring in milliseconds can be performed with paid apps from the respective app stores.

For example, a relatively well-rated app for the Android operating system that I found after very brief research is “PingPUBG – Server Latency Tester.”

There should also be comparable apps for iOS.

With a more precise measurement, you can, of course, experiment better (e.g., with a gaming VPN) and see very precisely whether changes have a positive or negative effect on the ping.

Which is the Best or Hardest PUBG Mobile Server Region?

Asian PUBG Mobile servers are considered the most difficult. It is difficult to evaluate the playing strengths in the individual regions. At certain times, the number of good competitive players increases in ranked mode and on public servers.

I have not played on servers in all regions and rely on various statements made by players in gaming forums. For Europe and North America, I can fully confirm the following ratings:


If you are an experienced player and want to play against real opponents, then the Asia region is the place for you. The sheer volume of players has produced a lot of high-skillers.

Attention: Newcomers will not have fun here.

North America

Even though the skill level can be high here, you won’t have much trouble ranking at the lower levels. Even as a newbie, you get the chance to have a chicken dinner here.

South America

This region is a good start for absolute newcomers. The skill level is very low for most players. The good players prefer to compete with players from Asia or North America using a gaming VPN.


Probably the strongest server region after Asia and North America. Here, too, the really good players tend to look for competition against Asian or North American players.

Korea and Japan (KRJP)

This server region has the weakest skill level. Many players are just trying out PUBG Mobile here. These game servers are recommended for beginners as long as the connection quality is good.

How Can I Reduce Server Lag or Ping in PUBG Mobile?

When it comes to the connection between your mobile device (client) and the actual game server where PUBG Mobile runs, there are some stations that you can influence and others where you depend on the quality of your internet provider.

More bandwidth does not mean that the connection will also improve.

PUBG Mobile only requires a tiny amount of bandwidth. A network connection to the PUBG Mobile servers is more about distance, quality, and stability.

A high ping mainly has something to do with the exact path your data packets take. You cannot directly influence the routes, but you can use optimized routes with a good gaming VPN.

Packet loss, which leads to server lags, is related to the state of the game server on the one hand, but again to your ISP. If you experience packet loss for a longer period, you should consider changing your provider.

Is PUBG Mobile Region Locked?

Region Lock is always active and is designed to prevent players from connecting outside their region. A region lock can temporarily lead to longer waiting times during matchmaking in PUBG Mobile regions with few players. The region lock can be bypassed by using a VPN service.

Final Thoughts

Your connection to the game server largely influences your performance and especially your enjoyment of PUBG Mobile.

Hopefully, I’ve given you all the information you need to make the right decisions on this topic.

Even if PUBG Mobile and the other platforms’ versions work completely differently in parts, they are all Battle Royale games. Maybe the Pro Gamer Guide for PUBG by Masakari will help you:

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