What Field of View (FOV) Should I Use in PUBG Mobile? (2023)

What FOV Setting for PUBG Mobile

Every gamer has undoubtedly stumbled across the FOV setting in a game, especially if you play a lot of FPS shooters like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile). I have dealt with this issue a lot in my gaming career and tried many different variations. In this post, I’ll share my experiences with you. In PUBG … Read more

All About PUBG Mobile Servers – Q&A (2023)

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Which FPS Mobile Game Has The Most Daily Players? (2023)

FPS Mobile Game with Most Daily Players

First-person shooters (FPS) are one of the most popular game genres, especially on mobile platforms. For this reason, the number of these titles has increased significantly over the last 5 years. But not all games are the same. Some are very popular among gamers, while others don’t make it to the limelight. With such a … Read more