GTA with NVIDIA Reflex | Turn On or Off? (2023)

NVIDIA Reflex on or off in GTA

NVIDIA Reflex came out as a new feature in September 2020 and should reduce latency tremendously. Looking back at my decades of gaming, such marketing announcements are usually too good to be true. Or, most of the time, a feature like this only helps those who buy the latest product (in this case, it was … Read more

Should I Use Anisotropic Filtering for GTA? (2023)

Anisotropic Filtering On or Off in GTA

Anisotropic Filtering is a setting in the NVIDIA Control Panel (sometimes also in-game), which is known to few gamers and is therefore rarely set correctly for Grand Theft Auto. During my active time, I always dealt with exactly these rather unknown technical settings to make sure that I at least had no disadvantage in 1 … Read more

GTA V Syncs On or Off? | VSync | GSync | FreeSync (2023)

on or off vsync gsync freesync in gta v

Your performance in Grand Theft Auto V depends a lot on the stability of the frame rate. Therefore, fluctuations or stuttering will have a very negative effect on your aiming. Monitor and graphics card manufacturers try to offer solutions against unstable frames per second with sync technologies like VSync, GSync, and FreeSync. Masakari and I … Read more