What Does “AWP” Mean in Gaming? +Example🔍(2022)

Definition in Gaming

AWP is the abbreviation for Arctic Warfare Police, a variant of the AW Sniper Rifle, designed for use by law enforcement as opposed to the military. The weapon appears in many FPS games and is characterized by high damage over long distances. 

Often one shot is enough to kill an opponent. In games with a purchase system, the weapon is very expensive, and in games with a loot system, it is correspondingly difficult to find.

The ammunition is usually severely limited in order to not let the advantage of a good sniper become too massive.

In FPS games with police, e.g., Counter-Strike, the players can use an AWP. In other military FPS gamers like PUBG, the variant AWM (The M stands for Magnum) is available.

Example Video 

“AWP Sniper – Comparison in 20 Different Games”

Masakari’s Pro Tip

Never peek or show in the same place twice. If you are not a sniper god, then find a way to get into close combat.

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