Overwatch 2 with NVIDIA Reflex – Should I Turn it On or Off? (2023)

NVIDIA Reflex On or Off in Overwatch 2

NVIDIA Reflex came out as a new feature in September 2020 and is integrating with Overwatch 2 right from the start. Looking back at my decades of gaming, such marketing announcements are usually too good to be true. Or, most of the time, a feature like this only helps those who buy the latest product … Read more

Should I Turn On Anti-Aliasing in Overwatch 2? (2023)

Anti-Aliasing On or Off in Overwatch 2

When we have a new first-person shooter installed and start to look at the graphics settings, the same question has always come up for over 20 years: Anti-aliasing on or off. It was no different with Overwatch 2. In this post, we answer some questions about anti-aliasing in Overwatch 2, so you can decide for … Read more