Where Can I Get Quality Information About Esports? (2023)

Where Can I Get Quality Information About Esports

Esports is getting bigger and bigger worldwide, and something extraordinary happens every day. But who has the time to watch every Livestream, follow the latest rumors, and stay up to date?  Meanwhile, many exciting sources of information have developed. In this article, we try to give you an excellent introduction to the world of information … Read more

Do Colleges Have Esports In The US? New Path to Pro Gaming (2023)

Do Colleges Have Esports In The US

The structures of Esports and the gaming industry behind it are becoming more and more oriented towards classic sports. In the meantime, there is the active promotion of young talent in esports. On the one hand, esports organizations are looking for new talent, but the education system in the USA has also recognized that esports … Read more

Why Are There so Few Female Pro Gamers in Esports? (2023)

Why Are There so Few Female Pro Gamers in Esports

Nearly 50% of the female population in younger generations (and developed countries) play video games. Looking at local pro-gaming events, you will have to look for female pro gamers with a magnifying glass. Why are most pro gamers male, or why are there not as many females as male pro gamers? In general, both genders … Read more

Esports vs Gaming | How Are Casual Gamers Different From Professional Gamers? (2023)

Masakari and I witnessed the beginnings of esports around the turn of the millennium. Since then there have been coined many undefined terms around esports, such as “virtual sports,” “eGaming,” or “competitive gaming.” With over 20 years of experience in esports, Masakari and I can give an exact definition to individual terms and especially to … Read more