RAM Call of Duty +Warzone (PC): 8GB? 12GB? 16GB? (2023)

The RAM of a PC system has a significant impact on the performance of Call of Duty (COD). But how much RAM does COD need? With over 3,000 combined hours of Call of Duty Warzone on PC systems, we know there are a lot of questions about RAM in COD. In this post, we’ll (hopefully) answer them all for you.

In general, optimal performance in COD is guaranteed with 12GB of RAM. More RAM will not bring any more performance increase. Less RAM can lead to micro-jerks when accessing textures or rendering many objects in view.

RAM is only one component that contributes to the performance of your system and COD. It won’t help you if you have the best RAM, but another component blocks optimal performance.

So we’re not just talking about the amount of RAM COD uses. It’s also about the type of RAM, the relation to VRAM, and other dependencies.

In FPS games, it’s all about graphics quality and the possible framerate. The more you see and the smoother the images are displayed, the more you can focus on kills.

In these articles, we have shown how important more frames per second (FPS) and the avoidance of micro-stutters or FPS drops are:

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When does COD use RAM?

The RAM in your system plays an important role in loading game elements that are often displayed in COD. For example, there are trees, houses, stones everywhere, but also the skins for player objects, houses, vehicles, textures – in fact, everything that you constantly have in front of your eyes must be retrievable very quickly so that the corresponding image with the object can be created and displayed ultra-fast.

Loading the objects again and again from your hard disk is a hundredth slower than reading them out of RAM. So it makes sense to load as much as possible into RAM.

COD uses more and more RAM as the game progresses. 

This has to do with poor memory management by Windows on the one hand, and on the other hand, each map you play needs different objects.

Don’t worry. Even with less than 12GB RAM Call of Duty won’t stop working at some point. If there is not enough RAM left, COD tries to delete old objects from the RAM via processes in Windows. If this is also no longer possible, COD is forced to load the information from the hard disk directly.

The information, which should lie in the RAM, is written in so-called “page files” on the non-removable disk and read out again if necessary. This is, of course, slower than the direct access to the RAM and, in principle, an unattractive detour. So this detour has a negative effect on the fast creation of frames. Your FPS rate thus decreases.

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What RAM does COD need?

In general, COD achieves optimal performance with DDR4 RAM with an overclocked clock speed of 4000Mhz. Micro stutters can occur if the clock speed is not sufficient.

The next-generation RAM with the label DDR5 starts with clock speed rates of 4800Mhz. For COD, however, DDR4 with 4000Mhz is sufficient to exclude the RAM as a bottleneck for the performance.

Of course, you are always on the safe side with more Mhz and well equipped for the next part of the Call of Duty series, but the new RAM type will certainly have a proud price.

Should I better use 32GB RAM for COD?

In general, COD achieves optimal performance with 12GB of RAM. 16GB RAM or even 32GB RAM no longer leads to an increase in performance. 

Suppose you use other applications besides COD while gaming. 32 GB RAM can make sense. Streamers, for example, often have voice changers, streaming software, equalizers, browser Discord, and other smaller apps open that are necessary for streaming COD to Youtube or Twitch. All applications grab a piece of the available RAM. To avoid getting into the state described above, where information is written from the RAM to the slower hard drive in the form of page files, a RAM extension could be helpful.

How much VRAM does COD need?

In general, COD achieves optimal performance with 6GB of VRAM. The VRAM of a graphics card is slightly more performant than RAM. Depending on the graphics settings, the VRAM is used more or less.

Besides RAM, what other components affect COD’s performance?

Many components in your system are involved in creating frames for displaying COD. Some component is the weakest link in the chain and represents the bottleneck. This component determines the maximum possible performance. 

Does COD Mobile have different RAM requirements than COD?

Generally, optimal performance in COD Mobile is guaranteed with 3GB of RAM. More RAM does not bring any performance increase anymore. Less RAM can lead to micro-stutters when accessing textures or displaying many objects in the viewing area.

Final Thoughts

Besides the processor, hard disk, and graphics card, RAM is the decisive factor for a smooth gaming experience in COD.

Frame drops and micro-stutters can negatively impact your performance and should be avoided at all costs. 

In this post, we have clarified the most important questions about RAM for COD.

Good hunting!

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