Halo Infinite with Controller | Best Device, Support, Howto, Worth It? (2023)

Halo (Infinite) is a popular first-person shooter video game that undoubtedly every FPS gamer tries out once. But, especially PC gamers ask themselves, is Halo also playable with a controller?

From my 35+ years of experience with FPS games, I can say that there are probably only a handful of good games that offer good controller support. Of course, the best example is Call of Duty. PC and console players meet on an equal level with a mouse and keyboard versus a controller.

Halo is totally out of line. So let’s take a closer look.

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Can You Play Halo With a Controller on a PC?

Generally, Halo can also be played with a supported controller on the PC, for example, a controller from PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 or Xbox. The game does offer Aim Assist to compensate for the disadvantages of controlling with a controller compared to other control options.

Does Halo Support Play With a Controller?

Technically, Halo supports all controllers compatible with Windows 10. The button assignment of the controller can be freely selected.

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Does Halo Have Aim Assist for Controllers?

There are in-game control aids, such as Aim Assist, to support the use of a controller on the PC. The game even favors players with controllers.

Is Halo Good With a Controller?

In general, Halo’s technical mechanisms are not specialized for using a mouse and keyboard. Instead, a controller is favored with an aim-assist that allows perform better than players who compete with a mouse and keyboard.

Which Controller is Best for Halo?

The Sony DualSense Wireless Controller of the Playstation 5 is a safe choice for a PC-compatible controller. The price is in the midfield. This controller is among the top in the market in terms of stability, durability, ergonomics, and battery life.

What Is the Best Device for Aiming in Halo?

Halo is the only FPS game that might be better played with a controller. If you still prefer a mouse and keyboard, then rely on the same device that hundreds of pro gamers use: The Logitech G Pro Wireless or its successor, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight. These mice generally have excellent ergonomics, are reliable, and have minimal latency despite the wireless connection.

Masakari has written a post about this. He has been playing with these gaming mice himself for years and is happy to share his experiences with you here:

Final Thoughts

I was wondering in what situations I would, by necessity, use a controller to play FPS Games. Then I played Halo with mouse and keyboard against controller players, and I got it 😉

Halo is one of the few cross-platform games geared more towards console gamers than PC gamers. Therefore, I can only recommend turning off cross-platform play or playing against controller players. Of course, this will increase the waiting time because you will be in a different queue, but you will save yourself a lot of frustration. Alternatively, you can get used to playing with the controller.

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