Is a Controller Better for Playing CoD Warzone 2? (2023)

Whether you play Call of Duty (Warzone) with a controller on the console or with a keyboard and mouse on the PC, you will ask yourself at the latest when playing against another platform whether a controller is an advantage or a disadvantage in this FPS game. Masakari has over 20 years of competitive experience … Read more

Is Call of Duty Better than Fortnite? (2023)

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Should I Turn Motion Blur On or Off in Call of Duty Warzone 2? (2023)

Motion Blur On or Off in Call of Duty

When you play a game for a while, especially FPS games, you automatically start to look at the settings, mostly because you need more performance or just want to know what’s behind the settings options. We’ve already covered various settings options on our blog, and you can find our previous articles on these topics here. … Read more