10 Pro Tips | How to Become a Better Player in Playing PUBG (2023)

I played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for over 6,000 hours in the german competitive scene. At almost 40 years of age, I competed in many tournaments with the Wagazzi Underdogs and took 3rd place with my duo partner at the Dreamhack in Leipzig (2020).

In this post, I give you 10 pro tips that are guaranteed to make you a better player in PUBG.

Let’s get into it.

Note: This article was written in English. Translations into other languages may not provide the same linguistic quality. We apologize for grammatical and semantic errors.

Loot the Right Combinations of Weapon Types

If you look at some competitive matches, you will see a pattern that makes sense. Players always take an Assault Rifle (AR) and pair it with either a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) or a Sniper Rifle (SR). 

You will never see the AR/AR or DMR/SR combination. 

Why are the AR/DMR and AR/SR combinations so popular? 

At short to medium range, an AR simply does the most damage to the head area. At long range, DMR or SR must then be used. 

All other weapons can, of course, have advantages over AR/DMR/SR in special situations or casual gaming. Nevertheless, the competitive Matches are always relatively similar, so a professional player must pay attention to continuity and balance.

In competitive matches, a Shotgun, Crossbow, or Submachine Gun (SMG) is used only when a hot drop occurs, i.e., two or more teams land at the same landing point. In this case, players sometimes don’t have enough time to look around for other weapons, and since you very often have to fight at close range in this situation, an SMG or shotgun can make perfect sense.

Usually, however, you have enough time, and so you can loot a suitable combination of weapons in peace.

In competitive games, you see from time to time that some players swap the AR for a shotgun in the later stages of a game if, for example, they have occupied a building very centrally in a late zone and know that they will probably have to defend it against a push in close combat at some point.

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Loot the Right Weapons for One Type of Ammunition

The tip is short but effective. Make your life easier and carry two weapons that require the same type of ammunition. So, either the 5.56 or the 7.62 calibers.

You will be able to loot faster and will have to think less about how many rounds of ammunition you still need to carry according to your standard.

Especially when you need to quickly loot a crate (maybe even under fire) later in the game, this can save that crucial second.

Loot a Minimum Level of Armor

If you have the time, that is, you don’t have a hot drop, then don’t go into battle until your armor, vest and helmet, are at least level 2. 

This may sound trivial, but the difference in damage you take between level 1 and level 2 is often battle-decisive, especially against good opponents who usually don’t miss many shots.

Good players will immediately see when the helmet is level 1 and try to take advantage of that. 

If you or one of your teammates is not entirely level 2, that’s a reason to extend the time to loot and look for a vest or helmet together. 

A tip in the direction of communication will follow in a moment, but at this point, it should be said: If you are on the road in a team, then the constant query as to “who still needs what?” is the essential thing when looting.

Loot Enough Smokes and Other Grenades

Take at least 3 Smoke grenades with you because you will need them for defense in dicey situations or in offense to disguise your movements. 

By the way, there are even players who regularly prefer to carry 8 or more smoke grenades and do without other tools instead. This shows how important smoke grenades are.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than running across an open field into the end zone like a rabbit hitting hooks, and then being taken out of the game without a chance to make a difference just because the smokescreen is missing.

In addition, take explosive grenades with you because, in many situations, a grenade is much more effective and, in terms of time, the better solution than trying to spray down one or more enemies.

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Solve Problems Actively With Throwables

All types of grenades have an active sense. Unfortunately, many players collect grenades and miss the situations to use them. 

If you force yourself to use grenades more often, you’ll find that you can solve many situations with a quick throw instead of relying solely on your aiming.

Also, you’ll win situations against multiple opponents much more often if you’re able to use your grenades efficiently, for example, flashes.

Additional benefit: In case of an explosion, your position is not known immediately. So you usually still have the moment of surprise on your side during the second attack.

Make Mobility Your First Priority

Even with a hot-drop, in competitive matches, you will always see at least one player of a team taking care of a drivable. The reason is easily explained. 

Those who are mobile still have all the options.

So always make sure you have a car, motorcycle, glider, or boat (okay, and now bikes) nearby. Secure your mobility right at the beginning. 

If you’re fighting solo, a car can save you from a dangerous situation in the beginning, and you can drive on to loot somewhere else without pressure.

Later in the game, the vehicles not only offer retreat options but can also be used as a wagon fortress and thus as stable cover. There is a bonus tip for this case: destroy your cars yourself in a controlled manner. This also has the advantage that the opponents can no longer shoot under the vehicle.

Always Stock Up Your Loot After a Fight

Sometimes situations are confusing, and you need to leave a loot box because it’s too risky to approach it. 

But usually, especially in a team, you have a controlled battle, and after successful completion, there is hopefully time to restock the inventory. 

And that’s exactly what you should do. Never forget to refill. 

Ammunition, grenades, armor are to be constantly looted so that you enter the next battle optimally.

In Duo and Squad Matches, the Motto is Always Teamplay First

If you play in a team, don’t become a solo player at times. We all know the case of Leeroy Jenkins. As a result, he led his entire team into the abyss with a hero move. 

In PUBG, the same thing happens often enough.

But often, it’s not the hero move or the solo action that’s the real problem. 

Most of the time, the team doesn’t coordinate properly. If a player tries a special move and coordinates it with the others, the risk of a fiasco is greatly minimized. 

Communication is the key. 

And I don’t mean babbling, but effective, informative and adapted to the game situation.

Choose the Right Position for a Fight

Military strategists learn one basic rule for battles and engagements: correct positioning is the basis for a victory. In PUBG, it’s often the same.

Find a superior position.

These are higher positions on hills and mountains. Make sure you have enough hardcovers with stones there.

Climb on the roofs of houses to have a better overview than your opponents. Also, on a roof, it is vital to have as much hard cover as possible or at least always the option to move quickly to the safe interior.

As mentioned above, you can also use vehicles to create artificial hardcovers in favorable positions, allowing you to attack your opponents from entirely new angles.

Specialize as a Player Type for Maximum Performance

Let’s move on to the last tip.

At some point, you will know which long-range weapon suits you best. If you prefer to play a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) with your Assault Rifle (AR), then optimize your scope and mouse sensitivity settings for that combination. If you prefer to play a Sniper Rifle (SR), specialize in using it.

You will never achieve a perfect balance in your settings for both weapon types, the handling differs too much for that. So you’d better play one strength to the full.

Of course, if necessary, you should be able to handle the other type of weapon if you simply can’t find your specialized weapon type, but especially in competitive gaming, you always find your favored weapons as a team.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you could take one or the other tip as a suggestion to improve your game.

It has always helped me to focus on one area that I want to improve (e.g. throwing more grenades). Once I’ve practiced that part, and after a few days or weeks I’ve transferred it into my standard, I look for the next weak spot.

The nice thing is that you don’t forget what you practiced before because you rehearsed it separately and concentrated.

If you want to play competitive, you will surely be interested in this guide:

Good luck with your training!

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Masakari – moep, moep and out!